Wednesday, October 24, 2012

2012 Election - Board Of Education

I haven't said much about the Montomgery County Board of Education elections that are also on November's ballot.  They certainly are crucial as they'll set the direction and tone for the education of thousands of children in Montgomery County.  I'm not aware of the elections of the school boards of other Maryland counties.

Montgomery County voters will recall being approached by poll workers handing some distinctive flyers out to them as they approach the polling places.  These are the ubiquitous  "Apple Ballots", put forth by the Montgomery County Education Association.  They are the local chapter of the National Education Association.  It only takes a precursory glance at the ballot to make plain that the MCEA, like its national parent, is unabashedly in the corner of the progressive elements of society.  Notice the requests to vote "yes" for both the DREAM Act and for marriage distortion.

With that said, my inclination will be to use their "apple" guide and vote against their suggestions.  I cannot but believe that they are endorsing only candidates who really don't understand that marriage is between one biological man and one biological woman (note I stressed "biological" to differentiate between them and those "transgendered" folks who are confused about such matters).  As a taxpayer, I don't want those NEA puppets using my tax dollars to brainwash children with progressive propaganda.


  1. School board elections are on the ballot in Frederick Co., MD.

  2. THanks for this. I have been looking at my ballot and researching the education candidates and came to you blog for help.


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