Thursday, October 25, 2012

If We Thought The "Lady Parts" Thing Was Tasteless..

This ad sinks to new lows of banality.  We all know the Messiah Most Miserable no longer has a lock on the "women's vote".  Both he and Romney are tied in that regard.  So now the Minions Most Mindless are desperate to get the gals back.  But perhaps they should fire their campaign managers, for the following tripe will backfire.  They only betray their own condescending attitudes towards women if they think this will win them back.

I think for most ladies with "lady smarts", this will only drive home the point that Obama thinks of them as a bunch of promiscuous bubble-heads.  While the gal is ostensibly talking of her first time voting, the innuendo is clearly intended.

I often say "click here" because many older smart phones cannot look at embedded videos.  I suggest all do that so that you can see that this video is's youtube page.  Do so soon, for I suspect that this video will be yanked when they realize that it's another backfiring flop.

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