Friday, October 12, 2012

Attention, Pro-Choice Clinic Escorts! Good News!

According to a statement made by Vice President Joe Biden today, there's no need for you to stand guard against us evil "antis" and our nefarious literature outside of Planned Parenthood facilities!  Why?  Because he announced that Planned Parenthood by law cannot perform abortions!  He sure did!  Click here if you can't see the embedded video.

Now you can breathe easier (at least while you're on this side of the grave)!  No one's "reproductive choice" is threatened because it can't be exercised at Planned Parenthood anyway.  So you don't need to be there.  That means you can go home, hug a tree, vandalize some "Romney/Ryan" yard signs, whatever floats your boats.

Not convinced?  Hey - it's your guy who said so!  I guess you don't believe him, do you?  That's understandable; neither do we.  How can someone who is "one heart-beat from the Presidency" be so utterly clueless about a major campaign contributor?  I can just imagine what must have gone through Cecile Richard's mind when she got wind of today's Biden gaffe.  Will she issue her own press release to correct that "inaccurate statement of fact"?

Of course, Biden "merely misspoke", according to the White House.  No big deal!  Biden does that all the time!

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