Tuesday, October 9, 2012

MD Elections - Ballot Question 6

Last March Governor O'Malley signed into law a measure that would grant same-sex couples the legal right to regard their sinful relationships as "marriage".  The law was not scheduled to go into effect until 2013.  We have the chance, by voting NO on Question 6, to keep the institution of marriage from being contorted.

Led by Maryland Marriage Alliance, activists quickly collected more than twice the number of signatures required to petition the measure to the general election ballot.  The Maryland Catholic Conference joined this effort, allowing us access to the lobbies of Catholic Churches.  With the overwhelming number of signatures collected, the gay-marriage lobby saw the futility of challenging the signatures; they never could have found a sufficient number of invalid signatures to stymie the effort.

When I discussed the matter of Question 4 a few days ago, I pointed out that it was a matter of prudential judgment as to whether or not one could oppose it.  The DREAM Act does not deal with matters of intrinsic evil.  On the other hand, Question 6 most certainly does deal with the mortal sin of homosexual conduct.  A Catholic cannot, in good conscience, vote "yes" on Question 6 to support the destruction of marriage, a relationship instituted by God Himself.  I think it most possible that since a vote for Question 6 would be formal cooperation with mortal sin (not certain of the "material" aspect), meaning that a vote for Question 6 might be mortally sinful.

So now, fellow Catholics and others of good will, it is up to us to spread the word and get our people to the polls.  Yes, that means YOU.  We don't have George-Soros types pouring untold scads of money our way (if anything, he'd be helping the perpetrators of perversion push through question 6).

Maryland is one of several states with such measures on their ballots.  Another state is the State of Washington.  Our colleagues in that state put an excellent video together that explains why so-called "gay marriage" is harmful to us all.  Please click here if you can't see embedded video.  To get active in preserving marriage in Maryland, please click on the the link in the second paragraph.

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