Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Gamaliel Foundation Still Receiving CCHD Funds

And this after it was caught giving a falsified letter to the CCHD regarding its relationship with the Fair Immigration Reform Movement.  The latter organization promotes gay fake-marriage.  I urge you to read the article released today by Red State regarding the subterfuge unearthed by the Reform CCHD Now Coalition and Societas Restituo Catholicam.

The article contains an embedded youtube of a Gamaliel Foundation rally in which their cry "Hear Our Cry, Obama" sounds oddly like a prayer of petition.  Are they ascribing to him the status of deity?  It sure seems like it!  Click here if you cannot see that embedded video.

The overly nonchalant attitude of the CCHD towards this situation is inexcusable.  For those of you in dioceses where the CCHD collection will soon occur, please boycott it.

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