Sunday, October 28, 2012

3rd Party Foolishness

I'm addressing this post primarily to those who insist on either sitting out this election or voting for a 3rd-party Don Quixote because they erroneously - or perhaps stubbornly - avow the opinion that there is no difference between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama when it comes to life/morality issues.  Their refusal to look at the facts of this election - particularly Obama's past deeds - and to acknowledge the necessity of removing this man from office causes me to doubt the wisdom of these individuals.  I know others are wincing as they read this, believing that I should couch my thoughts in more delicate terms.  I respectfully disagree.  The stakes in this election are way too high; it's high time the kid gloves came off.

In addition to what I've posted previously, others on Facebook have issued statements.  Here is one from abortion-survivor Gianna Jesson.

Here's one that might be a bit hard to swallow, but there's much truth in it.

Why "selfish"?  I don't know why the creator of that graphic used that term, but in some discussions I've actually read some pretty strange things.  One person said, "my vote is about my conscience".  I can name that person.  At any rate, the statement basically says "my vote is about me and how I feel; forget the larger picture and the consequences of my actions on the country."  Is it selfishness?   Poorly formed conscience?  Some combination?  I think many folks fall into that rut.  I beg them to snap out of it, look beyond themselves and do what needs to be done November 6th to save this country.  That means vote for Romney!


  1. I have no patience for anybody who doesn't do their part to get rid of Obama. No, I'm not 100 per cent in love with Romney, but I'm electing a Chief Executive, not a lover or a god like the people did in 2008.

  2. Common sense as usual, Dymphna. I'm with you.


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