Tuesday, October 16, 2012

ALL Releases Report On 2011-2012 CCHD Grant Recipients

On Saturday October 13, Michael Hichborn of American Life League was a guest on blog-talk radio.  During that interview he announced the upcoming release of ALL's latest report on the CCHD grantees.  He highlighted some of the more blatant violations of CCHD guidelines by several grantees.  You can listen to the program here.

American Life League has just published its latest report on the CCHD grantees on the Reform CCHD Now site.  On that main page you'll notice bar graphs to the right.  Note that during these past few years the total number of grantees has been decreasing.  Conversely though, note that the number of grantees in violation of CCHD guidelines has been increasing.

On the main page, click on the "Reports on Grantees" tab.  You'll see an introduction, the main report itself and a moral theologian's review of the report.  The theologian is Dr. William Marshner of Christendom College.  The main report lists the problematic grantees; the names are hyperlinked to take you to the appropriate detail.

A rather troubling DC-are grantee is Empower DC.  Hichborn talked a bit of this one on the radio program. As you look at the "problem" section at the top of the page, please note that EmpowerDC itself took these anti-life positions; they weren't merely partners with other organizations that did so (although that itself would have been problematic to say the least).  In his theologian's report, Dr Marshner stated that the act of granting funds to EmpowerDC placed CCHD - and thus the Church itself - in a position of formally cooperating with grave moral evil.  But there's more!

On July 17th I did a blog piece on EmpowerDC and its utter unworthiness of receiving CCHD funds and found even more unsavory alliances.  I was surprised by what I discovered in doing my research: that EmpowerDC and St Augustine Catholic Church in DC use the same street address.  If you listen closely to the radio program, you'll hear that Hichborn wasn't aware of that unsavory fact.  Now consider - without the knowledge of the shared address, Dr. Marshner concluded that the donation of money to EmpowerDC placed the Church in formal cooperation with grave moral evil.  Now we know that not only did the Church contribute $50k to this anti-life bunch, but they lent use of a Church address to the same.  Might they also have lent office space, staff etc to them?  What that means, ladies and gentlemen, is that the degree of formal cooperation is even more profound than originally realized.

Within the next day or two I will be posting more on this.  Of course I reiterate my clarion call to abolish the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.  All November collections to CCHD should be boycotted.

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