Thursday, October 25, 2012

Father Guarnizo On Kresta In The Afternoon

Today Father Marcel Guarnizo was a guest on Ave Maria's Kresta in the Afternoon radio show.  I have linked to the podcast.  Many long-time readers of this blog will recall that Father Guarnizo, while parochial vicar at St John Nuemann Catholic Church in Gaithersburg, withheld Holy Communion from an avowed and practicing lesbian.  In doing so, he was obeying Canon 915 and attempting to keep her from committing yet another mortal sin by receiving Holy Communion sacrilegiously.   I won't get into the detail here as it can be found in previous posts.  The podcast of the show is here.

Kresta introduced Father (at the 17:40 mark) and asked him to comment about the incident.  Father pointed out that he still remains a priest in good standing with all faculties intact (at the 23:30 mark).  He declined further comment, pointing out (at the 23:48 mark) that the matter is being investigated by Cardinal Wuerl's superiors.

The conversation then turned towards the synod where Father Guarnizo currently is.  Pope Benedict XVI and the synod fathers are addressing the need for reevangelization of the world.  In talking of the economic and cultural situation in western Europe, Father had much to say about the need for sound economics and the damage done by welfare states (at the 34:00 mark).  I wonder in listening to this if we may have unearthed some of the motive behind the horrid treatment Father received last March, given some progressive elements that lurk in both the DC chancery and the USCCB.


  1. I enjoyed Father's reference to Cardinal Wuerl's "superiors." Very adroit. He does know how to fight, bless his heart. Before treating Father Marcel so badly, our Cardinal Archbishop might have done well to recall that Father too has friends in Rome.

    Now I am waiting with bated breath for the next interview. It's a pleasure to watch a skilled man at a work.

  2. Don't hold your breath--the boys in the red cassocks all stick together. The justice of Father's cause will not be the deciding factor, politics will be. Fahter had might as well go back to his home diocese (The Archdiocese of Moscow) and take up his duties there where he can be productive in ministry. Lord knows that they need Catholic priests in Russia.

  3. He has a job in Rome, working for the Holy See. He has options.

    The homosexuals who worked so hard to have him thrown out of the Archdiocese of Washington thought that in doing so they would silence him. On the contrary, they extracted him from a modest, provincial parish where he could not employ all his talents, and placed him back in the thick of things--in Rome. From there, he can do great good. He will be a great man someday.


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