Monday, October 29, 2012

CCHD And CRS - Two Different Standards?

The blog Societas Restituo Catholicam highlighted some apparent discrepancies between recent behaviors of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development and the Catholic Relief Services.  The CCHD withdrew a grant of $48,000 to the Land Stewardship Project because the latter is a member of two coalitions that are pushing for the promotion of gay pretend-marriage.  SRC contrasts this with the behaviors exhibited by Catholic Relief Services - behaviors that were made known to the public in recent months.

It is my understanding that both CRS and CCHD are agencies operating under the auspices of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  While they may have different managers and supervisors, they answer to the USCCB.  Here's my off-the-cuff take on the matter.

  • The CCHD has been subject to much more intense scrutiny, and for a longer period, than CRS.  Their collections have suffered accordingly.  Given the same type and duration of examination, CRS would feel similar pressure to conform to Catholic teachings.
  • While the CCHD's conduct in the case of the Land Stewardship Project is what should be expected, this still seems to be the exception rather than the rule.  The recent report put out by ReformCCHDNow bears evidence of that fact.
These two organizations, along with Catholic Charities, are not worthy stewards of our donations.  It's best that we find good Catholic and pro-life organizations who are true to Godly principles and donate to them directly.

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