Thursday, October 4, 2012

Eric Holder And Illegal Immigration

It has never been any big secret that US Attorney General Eric Holder has disregarded federal immigration laws.  At a La Raza summit a few months ago, he promised/threatened to oppose state and local efforts to control illegal immigration (mostly on the Mexican border).  Gee willikers!  Isn't the Attorney General supposed to enforce US law?  Or is Holder simply too, too busy prosecuting trumped-up charges against pro-life activists who convince mothers not to allow abortuaries to murder their babies?

These illegal immigrants often hire themselves out as cheap labor.  They well know that they have no legal standing to file complaint against exploitation by unscrupulous employers.  If they hide themselves from US law, then they cannot be protected by that law, can they?  It's simple common sense.

In Wake County, North Carolina, a chain of McDonald's restaurants has been found to be hiring illegal immigrants.  The owners of that chain are William and Deborah Holder.  William and the US Attorney general are brothers.  Well whadya know?  I'm in no way implying that William and Deborah are exploiting the illegals whom they employ.  But they are breaking the law with impunity.  North Carolina law requires that employers who employ more than 25 people (and the Holders have 4 restaurants) participate in the E-Verify program.  It's just the kind of law that the US Attorney General opposes - very convenient for William and Deborah, I'd think.

That's just another reason to vote this bunch out in November.

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