Saturday, October 20, 2012

Why Are Many Episcopalians Becoming Catholic?

We've all seen several accounts of Episcopalians becoming Catholic - sometimes as entire parishes.  See here and here.  In these situations the people have said that the left-wing leaning nonsense of the Episcopalian hierarchy was becoming too much to stomach.  Mind you, this is the denomination that originated because Henry VIII of England wanted to divorce his wife and that opened the floodgates of contraception and abortion with its abysmal capitulation in its 1930 Lambeth Conference.

Some of that lunacy is apparent locally.  Take, for instance, St Luke's Episcopal Church in Bethesda MD.  It is at the intersection of Old Georgetown and Grosvenor.  What do they put forth as their image to anyone driving on those roads?  How's this for an example?

This is what folks driving north on Old Georgetown Rd see.  Of course they have a labyrinth; how helpful when goofy doctrine has one literally wandering in circles.  But notice that little blue yard sign towards the bottom.  It is a sign urging voters to vote "yes" on Question 6 on Maryland's general ballot.  That means that Maryland's Episcopal congregations are acting to facilitate perverted lifestyles at the expense of the God-given institution of marriage.

Lest anyone think that some "champion of marriage equality" plopped that sign in front of the church sign without proper authorization, here's another one by the Grosvenor entrance to the church.  Even if both of them were unauthorized, then why would not church personnel have removed them?

Holy Mother Church has her problems, to be sure.  But she still retains the Sacraments and Christ's teaching authority.  Many good Protestants, seeing the slop occurring in their churches, are coming home to Rome.


  1. The Catholic Church does not have any problems. People who are part of the church do.

    1. I can see what you're saying. I did say though that the Church has problems. I didn't say the Church had faults. "Problems" and "faults" are not always synonymous. The Mystical Body of Christ is spotless and without fault: not so its members.

  2. The sex abuse crisis is a fault of the official hierarchy. Bishops seem to confuse protecting their offices at all costs with preserving the Church. They are not mutually exclusive matters at times.

    That being said, I did "return home" after a three year stint in the Episcopal denomination.

  3. I am one of them, having been raised as Episcopalian for 42 years. The gay bishop (NH) was the last straw in making my decision once and for all. My parental grandfather was Catholic, I have uncles who converted when they got married, I have cousins who are cradle Catholics, and I went to Catholic school for six years so converting was not a novel idea. Episcopalian is no longer the way I was raised in, it used to be SO very close to Catholic-not anymore.


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