Thursday, January 19, 2017

Akita And Fatima Prophesies Playing Out Before Our Eyes

Our Lady of Akita warned that bishops would be pitted against bishops.  Again Our Lady of Fatima she prophesied that the final battle would revolve around the family.  Today we are seeing both these words bear fruit as we see the smoke of Satan issuing forth - with some of it coming from the pope.

Today Catholic Herald published details of an exchange between the pope and some Lutheran pilgrims from Finland.  He told them that "the intention of Martin Luther 500 years ago was to renew the Church, not divide her".  How he divines such an intention is beyond me.  Luther's rebellion spawned many wars, but that's not the worst of it.  His errors led countless millions into eternal damnation as souls cut themselves off from the One True Church.  Unless there is evidence of Luther's repentance and reversion to the Faith, we have reason to believe he's not in a good place.  His life is a lesson to us, true, but it is a lesson in the sorry effects of rebellion, disobedience and deliberate eschewing of the Sacraments.

That being said, why, oh why, is the Vatican commemorating Luther by having its post office issue stamps commemorating him?  Can it be because Luther, who was an ordained priest, jettisoned his vows of celibacy and married?   Well, if they really want to showcase people in Church history who have made mockeries of marriage, perhaps they should issue stamps commemorating King Henry VIII of England.  They could make several of him, showing him with different wives.  Maybe they'll want to go back to the time Christ walked the earth and have one commemorating Herod and Herodias.  Perhaps I shouldn't be saying these things because I might just give them ideas.

Meanwhile, dissident bishops are becoming more brazen.  We heard last week of the scandal being instituted by the bishops of Malta in permitting adulterers to receive Holy Communion to the detriment of their eternal well-being.  One of them, Bishop Mario Grech of the Diocese of Gozo, is compounding his disobedience, heaping disgrace upon his miter, by ordering his priests, under pain of suspension, to distribute Holy Communion to known adulterers.  This insult to Our Lord Himself has precedence, some of it stemming from my own parish almost five years ago.  Recall how the Archdiocese of Washington ejected Father Marcel Guarnizo when Father would not give Holy Communion to a flagrant lesbian.  I've no doubt that had Father Guarnizo been incardinated in this diocese, that he would have been suspended.

In contradiction of the bishops of Malta and in standing for the teachings of Jesus Christ, three bishops of Kazakhstan - including Bishop Athanasius Schneider - released a letter urging that we pray for Pope Francis to revoke "guidelines" such as those issued by the Maltese bishops.  The letter reiterates that God's teachings on marriage and the Eucharist are sacrosanct and immutable.

The bishops of Malta are again being quite flagrant - so flagrant that they cannot be ignored.  If the pope pretends not to notice, I believe we will know where he truly stands on these matters.

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  1. What HYPOCRITES! The Bishops are forcing the Priests with well formed consciences to go against theirs, so that the laity with ill formed consciences can appease theirs. The Satanic Mafia in action.

    I love Gloria TV's take on the situation: 'At the end of Vat 11, we used to pray for the conversion of Russia and the intentions of the Pope.......NOW we are praying for the intentions of Russia and the conversion of the Pope.'


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