Friday, January 27, 2017

Wuerl To Seminarians: Subjective Judgment Usurps Objective Truth

On Tuesday I reported how Cardinal Wuerl sent a letter to priests basically telling them to be derelict in their duties to lead those in mortal sin to repentance.  Yesterday Church Militant picked up on another article in the Catholic Standard that reported how Wuerl gave the same message to seminarians in the archdiocese.  I think in that address he went a step further in counseling for evil.  I quote: "Pastoral dialogue [involves] the development of conscience and also the expression of a level of support or confirmation for the judgment the individual is making about the state of his or her own soul."

Notice the part about "support or confirmation for the judgment.."  Well, what if that judgment is objectively wrong?  What if that judgment leads to the commission of mortal sin?  How can a priest - or any faithful Catholic - support a "judgment" like that?   He can't.  He must warn the individual of the sinfulness of his/her course of action and in no unambiguous terms call that person to repentance.  If the priest refuses to do so, he endangers his own soul owing to his de facto cooperation with the sin of that individual.

Below I post a video detailing the nine ways that Catholics can veer into cooperating with the sin of others.  Pay close attention to "number nine", for that is primrose path to hell down which Cardinal Wuerl would usher his priests and seminarians.  In doing so, he too seems to be cooperating with mortal sin via "counsel".

Wednesday I posted about the thinly-disguised war that Pope Francis seems to be waging on truth.  That is pretty serious considering that Jesus Himself said that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.  Truth is immutable.  It is NOT subject to manipulation by human consciences.  Rather, it is the human conscience that must conform and be subject to truth.  But, if the proper role of truth is trivialized, then we can see how subjective "judgments" can be regarded as idols.

Pray for our pope and bishops that they come to their senses.  Pray for our seminarians and help them become inoculated to the mental and spiritual poison being fed to them in their formative years.


  1. The Pope is now calling for a 'review' of the 'changes' in the Mass. Yep, the liturgy is next on his chopping block. As you know, he now has 'cleaned out' the CDW of traditional prelates and now wants to further blaspheme the sacrifice of the Mass, as if it wasn't bad enough. I have read some of the 'new Eucharistic prayers' proposed by his cronies and they look like something out of science fiction or new age. (an article on National Catholic Reporter) Also, the new Bishop of Rockford (my next door Diocese) has forbidden all TLM's and all Masses Ad Orientem unless by specific request and permission given by him. NOW HE IS GOING AFTER THE MASS IN ORDER TO GIVE ALLEGIANCE TO BAAL. Lord Jesus DO NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN!!!!

  2. I doubt praying for the pope will do much good, he's a lost soul; we need Divine Intervention!

    1. That is what I pray for...Divine Intervention and Conversion.

    2. God does hear our prayers. We are commanded to pray for our spiritual leaders, be they worthy or unworthy.

  3. I am of the view that it is the laity who must rescue the Church from this papal train wreck. Not for the first time our bishops lack courage, or are heterodox. We lay Catholics must rise up and oppose the errors being promulgated. We have an obligation to Christ to live up to our baptismal promises.


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