Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Guess What Week It Is??

Are you ready?  It's (drum roll and trumpets, please)


If you were ignorant of this momentous occasion, I confess so was I!  But not all were so oblivious!  Certainly the progressives who wear miters aren't.  In the Chicago Tribune appears an editorial by Cardinal Cupich, opining that "It's Immigrants Who Have Made America Great".  Of course it's a screed for blanket amnesty for law-breakers.  Yes, immigrants have played a crucial role - immigrants that have respected the rule of law in the United States and who have earned their way as opposed to those who break laws and expect handouts.  As you read that piece, you'll see how Cupich obfuscates the difference between those who are decent law-abiding people and those who aren't.

Cupich went so far as to have two "immigrants" speak from the altar last Sunday.  Mahound's Paradise points out that one of these "immigrants who have made America great" is a Muslim who just happens to be a follower of a Muslim cleric whose idea of "jihad for the sake of Allah" includes "smashing skulls and severing limbs".  He also approves of Muslim women offering their, uh, "services" to these jihad lunatics.  Doesn't that sound like a dandy recipe for "making America great"?  This is the kind of spiritual poison that Cupich let into his church.  Lest we forget, Cupich wielded much influence at the Synod on the Family at Pope Francis' initiative.

Christopher Manion has some choice words for this politically correct pandering.  He points out that the great majority of American bishops do not stand up for central moral issues of our faith, e.g., abortion, homosexual conduct, but they will wax eloquent about amnesty for illegals and other progressive nonsense (global warming, etc).  He brought up the example of Cardinal Joseph Tobin defying then-Governor Mike Pence on the matter of enforcing immigration law.  Mind you, this is he same Tobin who couldn't be bothered to bestir himself when a Catholic facility in his diocese was being rented out for a "lesbian commitment" debacle, but he could huff and puff in the face of a governor who was simply carrying out his duties of office.  Let us recall that both Tobin and Cupich are recent recipients of the "red hat", again at the instigation of Pope Francis.

The USCCB has been busy on other "important" matters.  A few days ago, one of their task forces released a report to "root out racism".  They developed some recommendations.  The first one is to engage in Masses and rosaries.  They could have stopped right then and there for the other suggestions seem straight out of some Alinskyian play book.  Parishioners should be "trained in intercultural competence"?  Brainwashing much?  There is also "dialogues on racism and dialogue".  Got that?  We get to "talk about talking"!  But they save the best for last: beef up support for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.

Just put "Catholic Campaign for Human Development" or "CCHD" in the search box at the top left of this blog (by the magnifying glass icon).  You'll see a mountain of posts, with links to excellent material, regarding the inimical origins and nature of the CCHD.  Support for the CCHD has been dwindling throughout the years because decent Catholics are becoming more aware of the ultimate destinations of the money they contribute to the CCHD.  Despite pleas to the USCCB throughout the decades to reform the CCHD, the bishops refuse to address these matters.  The CCHD deserves not one red penny in donations.

How much evil these bishops could root out if they simply decided to return to the Catholic faith and being real bishops.


  1. "Dialog on....dialog". Straight out of a Seinfeld episode.

  2. Yes, we got the 'immigrants are to be worshiped' sermon from the Altar on Sunday. (I'm in the Chicago Cupich Diocese) And........so did all the other surrounding Parishes from what I am hearing. Orders from headquarters you know. It's already getting old with this guy, and he's only been at the helm a few years. Interesting also that we see Fr. Pfleger's mug now on the Chicago news all the time, and when Cdl. George was in charge he kept Pfleger under wraps.....now he's got free reign. That said, Chicago IS the number one murder capital in the U.S. Interesting also that Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the country, so there goes the gun control theory right out the window. The thugs have guns but law abiding citizens aren't allowed to have them to protect themselves. Funny you don't hear Pfleger crying about THAT, but you do hear him screaming about how RACIST we all are. He doesn't tell you that it isn't 'white on black' but it's actually 'black on black' shootings. These radical left wing clergy are completely and ridiculously illogical. There's no 'reason' in their 'faith', but then again, there's not much 'Catholic' in their 'Catholic Faith' either, so........


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