Thursday, January 26, 2017

Malta - Lastest Skirmish In The War Against Truth

Two weeks ago I wondered aloud about the dictatorial streak that was being displayed as he began his meddling in the internal affairs of the Knights of Malta.  I had proposed earlier that he was emulating Juan Peron, the infamous dictator who ruled his own native Argentina with an iron fist.  It is now becoming evident that what was a minor "streak" is evolving into a full-blown modus operandi.  No one who is watching his growing encroachment into the governance of the Knights of Malta can pretend otherwise.

The Knights' Grand Master, Fra Matthew Festing, was compelled to resign his position (a life-time appointment, by the way) by Pope Francis.  Recall that the Festing presided over the ouster of Grand Chancellor, Albrecht von Boeselager when the latter was implicated in a scheme to use the KofM's charitable arm to distribute condoms.  The Lepanto Institute, headed by Michael Hichborn, produced evidence pointing to Boeselager's guilt.  Apparently the latter has friends in high Vatican places.   Because Festing resisted the pope's arm-twisting and attempts to meddle in the internal governance of a sovereign state, he was ousted and now some "delegate" will be at the KofM's helm.  The Vatican took umbrage that Boeselager's dismissal occurred without "dialogue", but then seems to have given the heave-ho to Festing without "dialogue"; go figure!

But the sordid tale gets worse.  After Festing was forced to resign, Boeselager was reinstated into his old position.  So the Catholic official who upheld the teachings of the Church was kicked to the curb by Pope Francis while the dissident enabler of anti-life activities was affirmed in his sin.  Life Site News also touched on this travesty.  Read the comments.  One reader asked a very astute question in reaction: "No truth anymore?"  To me, the question isn't merely rhetorical; rather it gets to the heart of a lot of the ills with this papacy.

Yesterday I wrote how Pope Francis obscured the concept of objective truth.  I believe that is a key theme to so much of his mischief, whether or not it is deliberate on his part.  He seems intent on denying the existence of objective truth.  Witness how he mocks Catholics who are faithful to the Church's timeless teachings as "rigid", "neo-palegian", etc.  With Amoralis Lamentia, we see the none-too-subtle exaltation of subjective "conscience" over the objective truths of God's revealed moral teachings.  Truth is timeless and eternal.  It is immutable.  But those who revel in sin wish to deny that, for truth demands accountability.  Eliminate truth, they reason, so that accountability is likewise quashed.  I link now to a post written by Billy Graham three years ago that touches on the topic of truth versus lie, good versus evil.

That is why five years ago Father Guarnizo was ejected from my parish.  He stood for truth against the politically correct gay agenda and the ever-pandering DC chancery.  That is why the pope continues his efforts to marginalize Cardinal Burke (and the other faithful prelates).  That is why Fra Festing was ejected from his leadership role, in favor of the unfaithful Boeselager.  Rorate Caeli's commentary raises the question of whether or not the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI was obtained in a similar manner.  That is a valid question.

We'll see more instances of truth being rejected for oh-so-enticing lies.  We need to keep praying, with Rosaries in hand.  We need to keep speaking out.

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  1. Too bad an impeachment process isn't available. This destructive pope needs to GO!


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