Tuesday, January 31, 2017

USCCB Admits That Money Is Behind Its Kvelling About Trump's Order

Although I saw the reprint on the website of the Diocese of Green Bay Wisconsin, it is an article published by the Catholic News Service - the official media outlet for the USCCB.  Read it, paying attention to the last few paragraphs.  Their big concern is the reduced funding that the USCCB might experience, along with USCCB jobs.

Now, once again, guess who's really paying for all this resettlement?  One of those funding sources can be found staring at you from your mirror.  Your tax dollars are being diverted to the USCCB for the benefit of poorly vetted "refugees" while many of you are struggling to support your own families.

Meanwhile, some so-called "Catholic" leaders scribbled off a letter to President Trump touting the "seamless garment" nonsense as authentic Catholic teaching.  With immigration are progressive pet projects such as abolition of death penalty, climate change junk science.  Let's look at some of these organizations, shall we?

We examine the web page of Columbian Center for Advocacy and Outreach.  Immediately you can see their focus.  They address the progressive hot-button issues, while uttering not one peep about baby-murder, euthanasia, evils of homosexual conduct, protection of marriage.  Are we surprised?

Then there's Catholic Mobilizing Network.  I always find it helpful to browse an organization's board of directors to get an understanding of the mindsets of those running the group.  Immediately we see trouble in the presence of Ralph McCloud.  Not only has he presided over the diversion of Catholic dollars to anti-God organizations as long-time head of the CCHD, but he was treasurer of the campaign for Wendy "Abortion Barbie" Davis to the Texas legislature.  Put his name in the search box at the top of this blog.  One of their sponsors is the Congregation of St. Joseph.  They too are all about progressive causes, with an unhealthy smattering of new age poison thrown into the mix (see here, scroll all the way down).

Regarding some of the other organizations, just put "Catholic Climate Covenant" and "Leadership Conference of Women Religious" in that search box to see just how far they have wandered from the One True Faith.

If anyone from President Trump's administration is reading this, please be assured that the letter you received and the racket emanating from the USCCB is not rooted in the Catholic faith.  Real Catholics are delighted that President Trump is in the White House.  Mr. Gorsuch's nomination seems very promising.  We thank the president for taking action to control the immigration situation in the United States.


  1. ABSOLUTELY we thank the President for taking control of this ongoing immigration crisis that has threatened our very sovereignty. REAL CATHOLICS did indeed vote for President Trump!

  2. According to the current issue of the Arlington Catholic Herald, Bishop Burbidge has come out publically against President Trump's attempt to protect us from persons from 7 countries identified by the Obama Administration as hotbeds of Islamic jihadists by temporarily banning immigration from those countries until a secure vetting system is implemented. According to the Herald our Bishop issued this statement:
    "I encourage Catholics to contact our elected officials to make our voices heard: our communities have been and will continue to be hospitable to refugees, in keeping with our legacy of welcoming the stranger."
    While our Bishop's statement refers to "our communities" being "hospitable to refugees, in keeping with our legacy of welcoming the stranger" everyone familiar with the refugee resettlement program knows that the refugees are settled without consulting the communities in which they are settled and that when the Federal taxpayer funds run out most of the refugees become dependents of State and local taxpayers of which the Diocese is not one.

    Our Bishop's newspaper's front page story was very supportive of the protests at Dulles Airport against President Trump's initiative and gave favorable coverage to one of those "elected officials" of ours to whom Bishop Burbidge's statement applied, namely, Senator Tim Kaine. The Herald's reporter quoted Kaine as saying that "These are victims of the worst humanitarian crisis since World War II. Now their arrival may be in jeopardy." The Herald's reporter might have asked bleeding-heart Kaine if the world-wide abortion plague wasn't a bigger crisis. Or the Herald's reporter could have asked Kaine why he was sponsoring legislation to overturn President Trump's order to end U.S. taxpayers paying for abortions in foreign countries. In case you missed that, read about it here. https://royalexaminer.com/2017/01/24/warner-kaine-sponsor-bipartisan-legislation-permanently-repeal-global-gag-rule/

    One wonders if the Diocese is endorsing a revival of the shameful "seamless garment"political theory favored by so many of our Catholic Bishops. According to that theory abortion is not the one paramount and non-negotiable upon which politicians should be evaluated; rather, politicians are to be evaluated on a basket of social issues including their position on capital punishment. Perhaps advocacy for Muslim immigration will be added by the Bishops' Virginia Catholic Conference to the laundry list of issues we Catholics are supposed to consider when voting.
    Speaking only for myself I wrote to Bishop Burbidge in December and asked him to end the Muslim resettlement business enterprise operated by his Catholic Charities. Among other things I asked him "What possible reason can explain the enthusiasm of Catholic Bishops to provide material cooperation to imposing on their own people hoards of those who call us infidels and have made war on us for 13 centuries."
    He didn't answer but sent my letter to the head of Catholic Charities to reply and that Executive naturally dodged my question. Perhaps I'm cynical but the $91 million business being done by Catholic Charities at taxpayer expense and reported by LifesiteNews helps explain the perfidious activity. https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/follow-the-usccb-money-trail-to-understand-bishops-silence-on-hillary
    Our Bishop said we should "contact our elected officials to make our voices heard." He didn't invite anyone to contact him. I think I'll waste another 47 cent stamp and contact him again anyhow.

  3. I'm embarrassed that my new Bishop, the Most Rev. Michael Burbridge, has joined with the Humanist Left against our pro-life president.


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