Saturday, January 14, 2017

Maltese Scandal - Exemplifying The Need For The Dubia

The Catholic blogosphere is alight with the scandalous statement of the bishops of Malta, erroneously claiming that adulterers can be admitted to Holy Communion.  LifeSite News has details of the scandal, with links to the original document AND to the Vatican's L'Osservatore Romano.  The latter published the Maltese heresy, giving it an unmistakable aura of approval from the Vatican.

The sections of the Maltese heresy to which LSN refers are paragraphs 9 and 10.  Notice how it's peppered with references to Amoralis Lamentia (my name for the AL heresy seems most appropriate in this context).  I'm going to unpack this in "bullet format".
  • "divorced person, living in a new relationship, manages, with informed and enlightened conscience,  to acknowledge and believe that he or she are at peace with God, he or she cannot be precluded from participating in the sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist".  That's a mouthful, not to mention a mountain of pure spiritual poison.
    • "informed and enlightened conscience"  In the context of justifying both mortal sin and sacrilege, this phrase is a misnomer.  It is God's teachings, as communicated through the Catholic Church in her 2000-year old tradition, that is the only true enlightenment.  What the Maltese bishops are calling "informed and enlightened conscience" is one that has been seduced and deformed by progressivism.
    • "he or she cannot be precluded"  These bishops, in addition to thumbing their noses at both Canons 915 and 916, are setting souls, already mired in mortal sin, on the road to sacrilege and (if the situation isn't soon corrected) eternal damnation.  They are doing the same for their own souls.
    • " acknowledge and believe"  Doesn't that sound like a bit of a process involving some effort?  It's a tacit admission that it takes some considerable mental gymnastics and convolution to pretend that God's Holy and Immutable Law now allows for mortal sin to continue and for that sin to be compounded by sacrilege.
  • "There are complex situations where the choice of living as brothers and sisters becomes humanly impossible and gives rise to greater harm."  More poison
    • "complex situations"  The only time complexity would arise is if someone did not want to obey the Sixth Commandment.  The Ten Commandments are very simply stated.  They are not complex at all.
    • The commandments are simple to understand.  But they often are not easy to obey.  The words "simple" and "easy" are not synonyms.  God's grace is needed to obey the Commandments.  God's grace will only be available to those who will submit to His will and who will do what is necessary to obey Him.
    • "greater harm"?  What harm can exist that is greater than the loss of salvation and the condemnation to hell for all eternity?  One unrepentant mortal sin will condemn a soul to hell.  Adultery is one such sin.  These Maltese bishops, by this "guidelines", will numb the consciences of such adulterers so that they have no incentive to take serious stock of their lives.  Again, these bishops not only imperil the souls of their flocks, but their own as well.
My previous sentence might just apply to Pope Francis himself if he continues to stonewall the four cardinals and ignore the dubia.  He is trifling with the souls of millions of people - perhaps his own, as well.

There is one tiny silver lining in this cloud.  I've seen talk in traditional Catholic circles of people wishing to flee to a Catholic land and not fight this sick culture any more.  Malta was high on many of their lists.  I hope this most recent event has served notice on them that they cannot attempt to run from this fight.  We must stand and act like the Church Militant that we are.  If we keep running and ceding ground to progressivism and evil, eventually there will be nowhere else to hide.


  1. We discover after the fact that the Dubia wasn't just 'due' to be delivered to the Pope and publicized, it was 'overdue'. There was a significant number of 'dubias' delivered from different groups of prelates previously that went of course, unanswered. (from the National Catholic Register) Seeing as though this declaration by the Bishops of Malta was published in the Vatican newspaper, the Pope had 1st hand knowledge and approval of such. This lies at his feet alone. It is HIS encyclical, and HE is the only one that can clarify, of which he refuses. In no uncertain terms, the Pope is approving of the heresy that is being interpreted and put into action. Me thinks he may have the knives out for Malta and in particular of course for Cdl. Burke. I think of the prophecy of Blessed Anne Catherine Emerich who said: "The people of that day need to pray very much for the dark Church to leave Rome". PRAY VERY MUCH PEOPLE!!!! PRAY FOR THE DARK CHURCH TO LEAVE ROME!!

  2. It has been my observation over the years that the fundamental cause of the confusion in the Church is the movement within it toward justification of homosexual sex. If one does careful reading and research, this has been repeatedly demonstrated, but even without the research, careful listening and observation reveals the same conclusion. In order to achieve this goal, the heterosexuals themselves must be given liberties with moral laws governing the difficult situations in their lives in order to gain the sympathy with and the mindset for relaxing edicts barring homosexual liberties and power struggles within the Church and within society in general. Many are the manipulations, deceptions and games by which those folks who are resistant to 'change' are seduced. In the end, when one begs the questions, " Who puts them there, and who keeps them there?", we find that among the "blind" included in the answer , many are the 'would be' faithful ,even militant Catholics who have been confused and 'seduced'.
    These are the 'resisters', who thought/think they were doing good in supporting this or that priest, bishop, or cardinal, while later the cleric in question proves his subtle or rash lack of orthodoxy. Without such deceit, infiltration, and manipulation of otherwise faithful Catholics how could the present situation discussed in the article have become so pervasive?

  3. "We must stand and act like the Church Militant that we are". My question is, in this day of alt-media blogs and the widely dispersed knowledge of this theological corruption from the top down, how do we little people find the means to stop this madness ? The hierarchical principle which is natural to the Church has been weaponized. How do we stop it ?


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