Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Pope Francis Obscuring The Concept Of Truth In An Address To Media Workers

In a message for the World Day of Communications, Pope Francis urged media personnel to tell "good news".  Why?  The reason is, in his own words, to "work at overcoming that feeling of growing discontent.."  (The full text of his address can be read here.)  Now what is wrong with that?  Plenty!  Those in the media have the responsibility of telling the plain truth that is free of spin, be that spin "happy" or "sad".  It is NOT the media's job to "overcome feelings" or instill them or to engage in any kind of emotional manipulation whatsoever.  Any "spin", be it "happy" or "sad", is a distortion of truth and thus a sin against the Eighth Commandment.

The pope's message gets worse as we read along, for the very concept of truth itself is assailed.  He said (I kid you not)  "Life is not simply a bare succession of events, but a history, a story waiting to be told through the choice of an interpretative lens that can select and gather the most relevant data.  In and of itself, reality has no one clear meaning.  Everything depends on the way we look at things, on the lens we use to view them.  If we change that lens, reality itself appears different.  So how can we begin to “read” reality through the right lens?"

I was going to touch on another related topic in this post, but there's so much to unpack in that gobblygoop quote that the other topic will have to wait for another post.  I'll do this in bullet format.
  • In and of itself, reality has no one clear meaning.  What kind of Jesuitical nonsense is that?  Reality is truth!  It stands on its own, regardless of subjective "interpretation".  Jesus declared that "I am the way, the truth and the life".  That is reality - but now the pope says what Jesus said has no clear meaning?  Well, given that this statement seems to be the pope's mindset, we can see how he justifies Amoralis Lamentia, the "breeding like rabbits" crack and his meddling in the Knights of Malta (that is the other topic to which I alluded earlier)
  • Everything depends on the way we look at things.  That is the warped underpinnings of the permission given to adulterers to receive Holy Communion because "the way they look at things" they aren't steeped in mortal sin.  A rude awakening awaits them.
  • Read reality through the right lens  Now wait a minute!  He just said that reality has no one clear meaning!  So how can there be a "right lens" for reality?  He just contradicted himself big-time!
He did say that for Christians the "right lens" is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Frankly I take no comfort in that.  What does he think the "right lens" might be for a Muslim?  The koran?  How about for an atheist?  Either the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the Truth for all or it isn't the truth at all!  Of course the Gospel is the truth that stands on its own.

It would appear that Pope Francis does not believe in objective reality.  How then can he believe the truths that Jesus revealed through His Church, truths that are the pinnacle of objective reality?


  1. Using a Yogi Berraism on Pope Francis' words:

    90% of reality is half mental.

    Catechist Kev

  2. Funny! I see a parallel with Trump and his administration.

    1. I fail to see the parallel. These agencies are part of the Executive Branch. They do answer to Trump. The so-called "climate change" theories are not settled science; I think he's prudent to keep the agencies from squandering any more of our tax dollars.


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