Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Alert Catholics Force Correction Of Georgetown Abortion Scandal

Georgetown University never fails to amaze me for its utter depravity.  Yesterday TFP Student Action sounded the alarm regarding the activities of one of its student groups: Medical Students for Choice.  Right there we must ask how in bloody-blue hell does a Catholic institution give "student group" status to an outfit that advocates for the murder of babies?  But it gets worse.

They were caught conducting seminars on how to conduct "manual vacuum aspirations" - in other words, giving hands-on instructions in how to murder babies.  They used fruit to simulate uteri.

I understand from Facebook contacts that Medical Students for Choice is no longer listed on Georgetown's site since this alarm went out.  The Archdiocese of Washington played a pivotal role in correcting that scandal.  Still, one must wonder MSFC was awarded its status in the first place.  I've no doubt that had not TFP Student Action sounded the alarm, that MSFC would still be conducting baby-murder seminars on the Georgetown campus.  This exemplifies both the need for each person to be alert and active and the benefit in so doing.

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  1. Georgetown quit being a "Catholic Istitiution" a long time ago.


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