Sunday, January 29, 2017

Dispelling Media Myths Regarding Trump's Immigration Order

This weekend President Trump signed an executive order to institute vetting for incoming immigrants and refugees.  Less than ten countries are of interest, and he has temporarily suspended the admission of those from Syria.  Well, while the Messiah Most Miserable is history, the Minions Most Mindless aren't.  Don't we all think it rather remarkable that so many of them could be so quickly mobilized to show up at airports and make oafs of themselves?  If this seems to have the paw prints of George Soros all over this, that is a reasonable hypothesis.  Legal efforts have been launched to block the order, and these lawyers are from groups funded by Soros.

To hear these people carry on, one might think that President Trump is lining immigrants up and having them shot by firing squads.  Not to be outdone, the USCCB is jumping on that bandwagon.  Here's a "statement" from Cardinal Cupich, in which he blubbers about this "dark moment in U.S. history".  Cardinal Cupich knows a thing or two about "dark moments".  He certainly caused one when, as bishop of Spokane, he forbade his priests from participating in the 40 Days for Life campaign.

Just so that my readers don't have to rely on second-hand accounts, I make available the full text of the order.  Please read it.  To the right are some highlights.

The mainstream media is being dishonest.  The USCCB and many of our bishops are being dishonest.  The latter may well have some, uh, "ulterior motives", shall we say.  Over two weeks ago, well before the inauguration, Brigitte Gabriel of Act For America released some information about the handling of refugees in the U.S. under the Obama administration.  Pay close attention to her between the 0:32 and 1:47 marks.

Did you catch that?  The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops' Migration and Refugee Service is the largest private refugee resettlement agency in the US.  That means lots and lots of $$$$$$ have been flowing into USCCB coffers, and it has been coming from your  tax dollars - $82 million in 2014, to be precise.  Doesn't this remind us all of the opening of the Mexican border, and how Catholic Charities (particularly the Texas affiliates) made out like bandits with our tax dollars while they were handling those pouring over what was our border with Mexico?  Deja vu?

By the way, regarding the point she was making about Saudi Arabia, they do have the capability of handling refugees.

There are several reasons why the progressives aren't interested in pursing the option to the left.
First, the refugees can't vote for the Democrats over there.  Second, they cannot serve as the cheap labor to which Ms. Gabriel referred.  Third, over there they are less likely to contribute to the collapse of western civilization, a prime goal of the progressives.

I hope this sheds a balanced perspective on the latest snit-fit of the progressives, especially those in high places in the Church hierarchy.


  1. To learn more about Islam, I highly recommend You Tube videos by Robert Spencer.

    Funny isnt it how the left wants religion out of government until the religion, USCCB and Catholic Charities in this case, do their bidding. Then the relationship is all warm and fuzzy.

    When are Catholics going to say enough!

  2. When a religion becomes a government, doesn't it become a political party and lose its religious status and just become another political party that may be criticized like the democrats or the GOP?


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