Saturday, January 21, 2017

Women's March To Perdition

The orgy is going on as I type this.  There are live feeds available and they are quite revelatory.  I just finished Madonna spewing forth nonsense and profanity.  Then some preacher started praying to "mother-father god"; heaven only knows just what demon(s) were summoned by that incantation.  This is not the first such debacle but this one features a new signature fashion fad.  It's called the "pussy hat".

I did not attend any of the counter-protests as I was in front of the Spring Street Planned Parenthood.  This is in Silver Spring, MD which is just north of the DC-MD border.  Spring Street runs east-west.  Earlier in the morning we saw quite a few people walking south on both First and Second Streets to the Silver Spring metro to attend the march.  I caught a few of these on the video below.

According to Yes magazine, the fad is ostensibly to "make a collective visual statement".  That it certainly is doing, but they may be making some Freudian slips with those statements.  Even the article's title, "What's Up Pussy Hat?" probably tips their hand a bit.  As you can see, the thing features ears that resembles cat ears.  But who are we kidding?  The term "pussy" is an obvious double entendre and a deliberate one at that, as the term "pussy" is a vulgar term for female genitalia.

I'm old enough to remember when feminists hated being viewed as "sex objects" and that they wanted not to be valued as a sum of sex parts but for their intellect.  No more!  With gimmick like "pussy hats" they clearly if unconsciously communicate that they believe their identities are to be found as, well, sex objects!

As I say in the video, Betty Friedan must be spinning in her grave.  However, unless these women (and their ilk) repent and convert to Christianity, they greatly increase their chances of spending eternity in hell.


  1. The whole thing, even putting aside the politics (!), was grotesque and revolting. Any parent dragging their kids into it (and I saw many) should be hauled up on child abuse charges.

    1. I was saddened to see a female relative was encouraged and allowed to be involved in this madness and marched. This is a neo-Catholic family who attends Mass, and all kids are involved in CCD and the Sacraments. Yet our young lady, 14 years old, marched and posted photos on Facebook. Her parents were proud, as were other family members. Our children are being indoctrinated, with the blessing of their Catholic parents, into this diabolical madness. This is only because of one reason, Catholicism has failed them. The confusion that is coming out of Rome and the neo-Church is causing such moral confusion among the laity, that this outrage is the natural result.
      And this Bergolio, dares to imply HE is Christ, and that HE will "judge Trump" at some point in time, after comparing our new president to Hitler. What unmitigated gall, the man is despicable.

    2. As you imply, the charitable interpretation is that some people didn't quite know what they were getting into. For the politically naive, "Women's March" might sound innocuous. Then again, most political labels are designed to sound attractive or innocuous - what could possibly be wrong with being "pro-choice"? But one has a duty to try to see through this sort of thing, especially when children are involved. And obviously, the Church has a grave obligation to help. That used to be one of the primary things the Church did. You're absolutely right that instead, the current Church is abetting these misunderstandings. More than abetting them.

  2. Straight out of Satan's Caldron. The stench had to be horrendous.

  3. I thought they were supposed to be little devil horns.


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