Sunday, January 8, 2017

Illegal Abortion Center In Bethesda Maryland

This past summer, Operation Rescue detected another unlicensed baby-murder place in Maryland.  This location is in Bethesda, MD.  Southern Montgomery County is one of the most left-wing areas in the state.  I can attest that one can almost smell the progressivism as they drive through the place so it is no surprise to me.  By the way - in 2009 the Montgomery County Council, being in the back pockets of NARAL, attempted to curtail the free speech rights of pro-life pregnancy centers; I blogged on that quite a bit while that drama was unfolding.  They were finally beaten in court.  Would those same intrepid champions on the council bat an eyelash over this center?  I wouldn't hold my breath!

I now link to the Operation Rescue piece.  Embedded in that article is video of the perpetrator, Alan Ross, talking.  He mentions a facility in Gaithersburg as well.  That dump has closed, but 25+ years ago, I got my start in pro-life activism by praying with other pro-lifers at that place.

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