Friday, January 13, 2017

Another Reason Why Montgomery County MD Is A Liberal Loony Bin

I lived in Montgomery County MD most of my life so I'm well aware of the liberalism that oozes everywhere.  The southern part of the county, close to the DC border, is the worst section of the county.  Bethesda is in the middle of that, and that is the scene of one of the latest acts of stupidity.

In Bethesda is a "restaurant" called Community Restaurant and Lounge.  Even the name has such a nice progressive ring to it, doesn't it? Well, this dump is raising money for Planned Parenthood by selling a special burger.  They are calling this burger "golden showers".  That term refers to a particularly disgusting sexual perversion.  And how much do they want for this food item with the less-than-appetizing name?  A mere $20.00, and I'm sure that's before tax!  Look, things around here might be a bit more pricey than in other areas of the country, but..$20 for a food item named after a gross, diseased-filled sexual perversion?  Seriously?

Some people have objected to the management on the dump's facebook page.  The individual who runs the facebook page simply insulted the complainants.  So much for customer relations.

Anyway, please pass on the word to avoid that place like the plague.  Not only do we not want our money going to abortionists, but heaven only knows what might be found in the substances they refer to as food.

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