Thursday, January 5, 2017

How Pope Francis's Defenders Harm The Church

LifeSiteNews yesterday released a piece by one of its founders, John Henry Weston.  In it he states that it is no longer possible to pretend that all is well with this papacy and that the pope is "simply misunderstood".  He cites examples of very troubling - and incriminating - episodes that have occurred.  A few years ago one of my blogging colleagues penned a piece called "The Pope Francis Little Book Of Insults".  Of course this blog has been highlighting a few - the latest one being the post preceding this one.

Some Catholics still refuse to admit the truth.  One recently quipped that we "like to dig up some doozies".  Well, they are doozies, but we don't have to "dig them up".  They spew forth from the Vatican with great frequency and aplomb.  They cannot be missed except by those who refuse to see and acknowledge the truth.  Ironically, such willful blindness prevents them from intelligently praying for the Church.  We must be aware of the dire situation and not be afraid to admit it as such.  While we pray for the Church and the pope, we must also work to mitigate the harmful effects of the poison that emanates from the Vatican with the apparent approval (if not initiative) from the pope.  Those who deny that harm exists cannot and indeed will not protect those in their charges from spiritual dangers.  In addition to praying for the pope and speaking out, let us also pray for those who insist on wearing rose-colored glasses for they may be their own worst enemies.

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