Sunday, January 15, 2017

Advocate For Coerced Population Control To Speak At Vatican

When Laudato Si was being formulated, the Vatican invited many progressive hacks to conduct seminars and conferences in preparation.  Jeffrey Sachs, John Schnellnhuber and Naomi Klein come immediately to mind.  All of these people are flagrant proponents of "population control".  Within a preparatory report for Laudato Si called "Climate Change and the Common Good itself is an unmistakable call for "population control"; see this post for the direct quote.  I also link to another post on environmentalism junk science and suggest that you review the videos embedded therein.

In 1968, a left-wing ideologue named Paul Ehrlich released a book called "The Population Bomb".  This tome helped the population-control/enviromentalis juggernaut get underway.  In this book he advocated mandatory population control.  I quote: "we must have population control at home, hopefully through a system of incentives and penalties, but by compulsion of voluntary methods fail.  We must use our political power to push other countries into programs which combine agricultural development and population control."  The "voluntary methods", of course, include contraception and abortion.  As far as "compulsion", we see that in Communist China today with their barbaric forced abortions to enforce their "one child policy".  The man is flat-out advocating for big government (a prime progressive goal in and of itself) to engage in gulag-style mass murder of infants that would make both Hitler and Stalin resemble Mother Teresa in comparison.  It is not too far-fetched to guess that this man has much blood on his hands and is in grave danger off damnation as he continues to espouse his hell-spawned convictions

Incredibly, though, it seems that the Vatican, far from calling this man to repentance for his advocacy of murder, intends to give to him a forum by which he can continue to promulgate his anti-life and anti-God screeds.

The venue is a conference on "Biological Extinction", sponsored by the Pontifical Academies for the Sciences and Social Sciences, to be held late Feb - early March.  The program for this gab-fest is one huge propaganda piece telling the cliche-lie that mankind is ruining Mother Earth and we'd better do something about it yesterday or we'll all die".  See the LifeSite link for the program.   C-Fam listed a number of bald-faced lies committed by Ehrlich; I wonder how many will be in that paper that Ehrlich presents to that overpopulation hootenany next month.

By the way - who is paying for all these bogus conferences?  I'm beginning to think that a boycott of the Peter's Pence collection might be in order..


  1. "I'm beginning to think that a boycott of the Peter's Pence collection might be in order..."

    I've stopped a long time ago giving in any envelope with the papal keys on it....I also don't give to the bishop's Lenten appeal (I instead give a nice donation directly to a couple of fine seminaries and Catholic colleges during Lent). I'm also planning a meeting with my pastor to see how we can go about specifying our parish contributions go ONLY to the parish (a good solid one).

    I'm absolutely DONE with feeding the unholy beast and its works against Christ.

  2. Good luck with that one!
    The late Bishop McHugh held a meeting for all his priests back in the nineties. The caterer was a laywoman friendly with a parent in our home school group. I got the call in which it was reported the pastors were told the Diocesan appeal collection in each parish would automatically go to the Chancery to shore up losses paid out for pedophile cases and once they reached their parish goal ,anything over that could be used by their own parish. The caller said her wonderful pastor went back to the rectory packed his bags ,drove around the Church three times and left for good.


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