Friday, January 6, 2017

The Vendetta Against Cardinal Burke Continues

Recall from my Christmas Eve post how the pope seems to be meddling in the internal governance of the Order of Malta.  Many of us suspected that this was a direct jibe at Cardinal Burke for his prominent role in the issuance of the dubia.  Father Z's blog quotes from the Tablet that in turn alleges that Pope Francis did not want the condom-dealing chancellor evicted from his post at the Knights of Malta.  Some are snooting and snorting that the Order of Malta defied the pope, not considering that in matters of internal governance the pope has no authority to meddle.

I'll now post a podcast from Lepanto Institute that reveals, among other things, that the alleged communication from the Vatican was issued after Boeslager was removed from his post.  Many of us understand that this is a ploy to discredit Cardinal Burke and by extension the dubia.


  1. Thewarourtime:
    Agreed. The Tablet report did not ring true. I'm at the point where I do not trust anything coming from the Vatican (a statement I could not have imagined writing prior to this wretched pontificate).


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