Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Cupich's Rabbit Hole Is A Qucksand Pit

Remember how a few days ago, when asked about the pope and Cardinal McCarrick, he said the pope wasn't "going down that rabbit hole"?  Refresh your memory here.

Well, it seems that Cupich has found himself trapped in quicksand, and it's both his own doing and following along the lines of his buddy McCarrick.  Two Chicago-area priests were in Miami (why did they go there?) in a car near a public beach performing oral sex on each other.  In other words, they were engaged in perversion.  The car's windows were not tinted and everyone - children included - could see what was transpiring in that car.  The priests were arrested.  One of the two, Fr. Diego Berrio, was a tribunal judge for the Archdiocese of Chicago and was involved in "youth ministry".  I say "was" for Cupich stripped him of his faculties.  I might suggest a thorough review of that "youth ministry".

I will have more to say about Cupich's inane interview later.


  1. (Rotten) apples don't fall far from the cupich.

  2. It's time for a canon law forbidding homosexuals from the seminary and removing all those ordained from any positions of clerical authority. How many are still hiding while they do their damage to the Bride of Christ? How many have "come out" and are publicly scandalizing the faithful -- ESPECIALLY CHILDREN AND YOUNG ADULTS? Same-sex attraction is disordered and it impacts the way people look at life -- like viewing things in a fun house mirror. That is the TRUTH about homosexuality. The only thing that can mitigate it any way is adherence to the commandments of God and the virtue of chastity. But they still can't be priests any more than you hire a dry alcoholic to run the local bar!


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