Sunday, September 30, 2018

What To Do As Opposed To Suffering In Silence

The latest issue of Our Parish Times offered a predictably milquetoast response to perhaps the most significant Church scandal in recent history, if not in fact the entire history of the Church.  The issue in question is this August 2018 edition and the article is at the bottom right-hand corner of the front page: A Breach In Trust by Patricia McGann.

You'll have to follow the article to page 8.  There you'll see the problematic sentences in the last paragraph.  We're supposed to:
  • "Do our best to live according to God's laws"  Fair enough, in and of itself.  But that is not all that is required.  What is not said is just as important as what is said.
  • "Seek comfort and courage by praying together and in the silence of our hearts"  Oops!  Problems here in the underlined parts!  Forget this "seeking comfort" crap!  It's time to put on the big-boy and big-girl pants here and stop this incessant focus on emotions, particularly the weepy variety!  And again, let's forget the "silence" nonsense!  Let us listen to St. Catherine of Siena on the matter: "We've had enough of exhortations to be silent!  Cry out with a thousand tongues!  I see that the world is rotten because of silence!"
  • "We won't waste our time judging or condemning Cardinal McCarrick or those who were complicit with their silence, because that's God's job and we trust He'll take care of it".  Did McGann write this before McCarrick resigned from the College of Cardinals?  Maybe so.  Anyway, while we don't judge or condemn McCarrick, Wuerl, et al as persons, we most certainly do condemn the rapes of young men and their cover-ups.  It is our job to root out this mess and shine the light on it relentlessly.  By the way - beware of the phrase "God will take care of it".  Often enough, that is simply a sanctimonious cop-out phrase used by people who just don't want to take up their responsibilities as Church Militant, for reasons of laziness and/or cowardice.
All that said, I'm happy to provide some evidence that some Catholics are indeed waking up and confronting the evil where it is to be found.  These are examples to be emulated.  Within the past two weeks, Cardinal Maradiaga, one of Pope Francis' "gang of nine" visited the Diocese of El Paso, Texas.  From Ann Barnhardt, we get a pictorial report of the greeting they provided to him.  Look at the pictures!  It'll do your heart good!

Below I post a video taken by the blogger behind Mahound's Paradise, a Chicago-based Catholic blog.  He cornered Auxiliary Bishop Bartosic and tried to interview him regarding the tyrannical behavior of his boss, Cardinal Cupich.  My!  Some people really do squirm under scrutiny, don't they?

These are the types of actions that we must all be prepared to emulate if we are to purge the various progressive diseases from our Church.  Prayer and reparation are useless if we aren't willing to undertake practical action.


  1. Zombie bishops, Cardinals, etc! Bp John Stowe in Lexington Ky is now starting a NEW annual appeal next Sunday! He has rented a billboard in a town with a minority of Catholics about the great fundraiser! Offertory collections are already down & he pays an outside professional outfit to show him da money dogs! No mention of homosexuality here. Un freakin believable Friends! JMJ help us now.

  2. Did you expect a diocesan newspaper to do any better? Catholic newspapers did not break the sex scandal of 2002, did not drudge up the McCarrick mess of this summer, and did not comment on the Pennsylvania perversions. No, Catholic diocesan "newspapers" are essentially organizational newsletters, intended to "rah rah" the corporate culture, not act anything like a real newspaper. Their best counterparts are "newspapers" like Pravda and Izvestiya--all the news the party deems fit to print.

    1. Our Parish Times is not an official publication of the archdiocese. It is published by the Catholic Business Network. In its early days it actually printed some worthwhile stuff dealing with controversy. Along the way, they allowed themselves to be neutered into lap dogs that print largely happy-clappy pabulum.


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