Sunday, September 16, 2018

Remnant TV On The Vigano Revelations And Real Reform Needed

Michael Matt of Remnant TV shares some insights below.  It's necessary to emphasize a crucial point bout the dog-and-pony show that is to occur this coming February.  The point is something mentioned by Church Militant this past week.  This meeting ostensibly will focus on prevention of sexual abuse of "minors" and "vulnerable adults". The two terms, by definition, do not include seminarians. A goodly percentage of the targets have been seminarians, so they'd be excluded from consideration at that meeting. Seminarians were the "victims of choice" of ex-cardinal McCarrick. It can be argued that seminarians who submitted to de facto rape were so psychologically impaired that they would not have been suitable for the priesthood.  They obviously lacked the presence of mind to fend off their assailants - not at all excusable on their part.  I've repeatedly called upon them to come forth and bring this matter to justice, as their silence only served to enable their predators to continue attacking others.  Anyway, here is Mr. Matt's video.

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