Sunday, September 9, 2018

Listening Session At St Mary's In Rockville

This evening St Mary's Church in Rockville MD held a "listening session" inside the church.  Unlike the "small-group" format at my parish, everyone had a chance to address the entire gathering via open mike.  Many did so.  The general consensus among those gathered (including me) is that Cardinal Wuerl must resign as archbishop of Washington.  A few chided the clergy for "not speaking truth to power" and for covering for him.

I regret that two people used their speaking times to shill for female ordination.  However, I was also pleased that some acknowledged the homosexual aspect of these crimes against young people.

Most people acknowledged the need for prayer and fasting.  One lady astutely observed the emphasis on those to the exclusion of practical action.  I was wondering if someone was going to mention the withholding of donations to the chancery, but none did.  Many people got up and it was not my parish so I didn't think it appropriate to float that suggestion.  I might do so at the next session that I attend.


  1. Listening sessions? Haven’t THEY put us here before? And who is listening? If they must put up the farce of listening sessions the leaders are completely deaf. This time is different. The Pope Cardinals & Bishops need to resign now. Or prepare to operate on expected funds which are not forthcoming. The lowly laity will starve you while the attorneys general prosecute you. You are legion but you are about to have no swine in which to dwell!

  2. Read the first reading for Monday, Sep 10--Paul talking about the immorality of an incestuous relationship in Corinth. I see NOTHING in the text suggesting that the Apostle to the Gentiles responded by saying: "Now, Church of Corinth, let's get together Friday nights to have a listening session about incest."

  3. I'll be attending this evening's at the Cathedral of St. Matthews in DC, which is where I regularly go. You are welcome to come.

    I intend to give ideas of holding workshops on sexual abuse prevention and recognizing the signs, a no-tolerance policy of boundaries instead of "good touch/bad touch", etc.

    I'll also be 1) Expressing my frustration with Cdl. Wuerl's hush money to Fr. Zirwas 2) Fr. Emmanuel Betasso's activity in the ADW, 3) the trend of silence on homosexuality and contraception which have only allowed for my deviant activity, including from the clergy.

    I'll also bring up my earlier concerns with Cdl. Wuerl's violating canon 915 by giving communion to pro-same sex marriage/pro-abortion politicians.


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