Sunday, September 2, 2018

Prayer And Protests - Cardinal Wuerl

A few days ago some of us wondered whether or not Cardinal Wuerl took flight.  Well, he is back in town and offered Mass at Annunciation Church this morning.   He tried a verbal tap dance around the mess.  He then asked the parishioners in attendance to remain loyal to Pope Francis as "increasingly it is clear that he is the object of considerable animosity".

One parishioner just wasn't having any of that.  He shouted "shame on you!" as he walked out of Mass.  Another parishioner in the choir loft stood up, turned her back and folded her arms as Wuerl continued his spiel.  Usually I'm not a fan of disburbances at Mass, but neither am I a fan of dissident clergy carrying on at Mass as though the congregation was their captive audience.  That itself is its own disburbance.

I don't think these clergy should feel comfortable as they prattle on like that.  They need to be made most decidedly uncomfortable if they continue to play faithful Catholics like patsies.  Tomorrow lends to us another opportunity to do just that.

I have become aware of a gathering of priests tomorrow, Monday Sept 3, 5pm, at the Church of the Little Flower on Massachusetts Avenue in Bethesda MD.  I am suggesting that Catholics congregate on the public sidewalk in front of the church along Massachutsetts Avenue to pray and offer reparation.  If any do bring signs that ask for his resignation, please use language befitting Catholics - no profanity, imprecation, etc.


  1. Wuerl is a snake 🐍. Please God, remove such serpents from us!

  2. I hope you get a big crowd! We will offer our rosary. We're taking two little grandchildren on a promised camping trip. We'll get the to pray a decade with us. The prayers of the little ones are powerful. Wuerl is such a liar. He had to know about Pope Benedict's censure of McCarrick and he continued to let him scandalize in his diocese. He needs to go! He was an enabler of the first stripe.

  3. Eusebius confronted Nestorius openly during a sermon, and the people began clapping and drowning out what Nestorius was saying.

  4. These vipers now have organized and spoken with each other. They have the full support of the secular and most of the religious media. Homosexuality and it's little hobbies such as sodomy on boys and seminarians has the full support of both, and as we might suspect, there are not enough Catholics against it to bring this fake church to a screeching halt. We must formulate a battle plan that at least includes never letting them rest. This necessitates public resistance. The name Vigano should be ringing out again and again, whenever a bishop or Cardinal is present.
    For whatever good it does we remind them. Even if they win the war we never concede the battle.
    We can storm heaven and be a supreme annoyance. Every day I wonder how God is going to send the means by which His church is cleaned. We can't think of it, but He can. We can only stay faithful.

  5. Wuerl is shameless. He should resign and stop pretending it's "business as usual."

  6. A message for Wuerl's successor: No Canon 915, no peace.


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