Thursday, September 6, 2018

Yippieee! We're Having A "Season Of Healing"!

In the wake of the Labor Day event at Little Flower this past Monday, Cardinal Wuerl announced that he was instituting a brand new band-aid for the gaping wound that both he and ex-Cardinal McCarrick caused and allowed to fester in this archdiocese.  It is worth noting that after the meeting on Monday, he didn't stick around for the picnic; he scooted away quite quickly.  Here is the letter, dated today, that announces this "season of healing".

Notice the focus of this letter; it's the same as was the focus of our parish "listening session" (the one that focused on feelings as opposed to opinions).  It's strictly on the victims.  Certainly it is important to minister to their needs, but that cannot be the sole focus so much that other facets of the mess are pushed from our minds.  I frankly suspect that we are hearing all about the victims precisely because the chancery doesn't want us to raise other questions or worse (for them), to propose solutions uncomfortable for them.

I am hearing from various sources that a goodly percentage of archdiocesan priests have called for Cardinal Wuerl to resign, owing to his sheltering of McCarrick during his time as Archbishop of Washington.  From the letter I get the impression that he has no intention whatsoever of resigning.  This is one instance where I hope to be proven incorrect.

Anyone in the healing professions will tell you that in order for proper healing to occur, there must be removal of the harmful agent that is causing the distress.  In the Church's present situation, that means that the removal of errant clergy - both the actual perpetrators and their enablers - must be removed.  They must be removed from their positions of power and they must be laicized.  I can think of three positive effects of such a move.
  1. Their removal will help prevent further abuse from happening.  Some of the situations of which we are learning are rather recent - within the past five or ten years.
  2. Their removal will assure the victims that there still remains in the Church a sense of justice.  That will have healing effects that will far exceed that of any "listening sessions" or "accompaniment".
  3. The removal will have salutatory effects for the perpetrators themselves.  They will see that their crimes will not go unpunished in this life; perhaps that will cause them to repent and make good confessions before they die and go to their judgments.
As I said, this bogus focus in the victims is a trick to keep us from deliberating about how real healing and justice will happen.  It is designed from contemplating actions of our own since this archdiocesan chancery clearly isn't going to remove the perpetrators and the homosexualist elements from its midst.  Here are some humble suggestions from me.
  • Obviously prayer and penance must be undertaken by each of us.  That certainly means the daily Rosary and remaining in a state of grace.
  • Discuss this matter among your fellow Catholics.  Many are still quite oblivious to the current state of affairs.  Educate them.  That is one of the Spiritual Works of Mercy.
  • If your priest strays from liturgical rubrics or preaches heresy, call them out on it.  Be respectful, but by no means be demure about it.
  • If your diocese has a problem with pervert clergy and they still retain their positions, cut off all funding to your chanceries.  At the very least, that means boycotting any diocesan collections.  If your diocese assesses parish collections, explore ways to contribute to your parish in ways that don't benefit the chancery (assuming your parish is orthodox).  Don't be discouraged by talk of your boycotting hurting other charities; you can always contribute to the charities directly.
Let's get real.  This situation will most likely get worse before it gets better.  In fact, it is worse than it appears at present; we'll just have to face the ugly truth.  But sunlight is the best disinfectant.  We simply have to "man up" and "woman up" and deal with it.  The suggestions are, I hope, ways we can bring about real cleansing and healing.  Any other suggestions?


  1. Who thinks up such nonsense?

    What the Church needs is a Tenth Crusade: the great purging of homosexuality and its enablers from its midst!

  2. Along with their removal, my only other suggestion is that they actually turn themselves in to the Court. Take responsibility in confessing their sins privately and publicly by actually being truthful and accepting the consequences. Nowadays, people do not own their guilt. They need to see this in action and the amazing results.

    I had strayed far from my faith. It wasn't until the day I was doing an examination of conscience to prepare for a [I think it was called a general confession--admitting my sins for my life up until that point] confession when I saw the horror and depth of my sins and was blessed with an outpouring of grace to desire mercy with a contrite heart. It is that turning from sin toward God that He helps us see that we hold the lash that rips open his skin, we are the thorn that pierces His precious head, we hold the hammer that drives the nails into His holy hands and feet. It was then that by His mercy, forgiveness and healing were begun.

    God bless you.

  3. Go to the "listening sessions" and give them an earful, not according to what they want in the rules they set, but according to what we believe, as Catholics, to expect from our bishop and bishop emeritus.

  4. Wuerl's letter admits some think the diocese needs "new leadership" but that hot potato is quickly dropped in the letter. Does it mean he's keeping it in his pocket? Or, more likely, hoping that changing the subject will defer the discussion? After all, if the bishops really thought this was a "massive, massive crisis" we would not be waiting for the REGULAR session of the USCCB in November. Their Graces seem to be in no hurry to rush their bottoms to Baltimore.

  5. From a commenter who wishes to remain anonymous..
    St. Mary's Church in Rockville has scheduled some sort of event in the Main Church on Sunday (9 September) at 7 PM. It was announced during last weekend's Masses but you will find NO mention of it in the Parish Bulletin or on the Parish Website. I suspect that your activities and those of George Neumayr are having an effect in that parishes will hold meetings with little publicity so as to keep you and Neumayr out. You should invite those who attend other parishes in the National Capital Area to inform you when semi-secret events in their parishes are to be held, so that you can publicize them in your blog.

  6. Don't you just "feeled" already?

    Give me a break!


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