Wednesday, September 12, 2018

WaPo - Trump Has Power Over Hurricanes

In June of 2017, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops had a hissy-snit because President Trump rescued the United States from that fraud known as the Paris climate agreement.  They betrayed their ignorance of the US Constitution by claiming that the US ratified it.  That did not happened.  While the Messiah Most Miserable signed it, that was not sufficient to ratify it.  According to the Constitution, any international agreement must be approved by the United States Senate before it can be considered binding on the US.  That simply didn't happen.

Pope Francis has glommed onto this climate-change junk science, championing the Paris climate covenant.  Long-time readers of this blog will recall that for years I have decried the pope's servitude to environmentalism.  He has gone so far as to parade all sorts of anti-life people through the Vatican in the name of this environmental idolatry.

Not all are taken in by the hype.  Investor Business Daily reports on the sheepish admission by the UN that this Paris accord is a joke.  Of course sane people, including President Trump, knew that all along.

Sane people are a rarity in mainstream media.  The Washington Compost outdid itself today in its op-ed by claiming that because Trump pulled us out of that agreement, he is to blame for Hurricane Florence.  I wish I could say it was satire, but they are serious.  They said, and I quote, "when it comes to extreme weather, Trump is complicit".  What?  Do they think Trump did some American Indian rain dance to conjure up a hurricane?  Do they ascribe divine attributes to him?  Do they have one iota of common sense?  When you read the article, look at the comments.  Most are mocking the editorial, as well they should.

Now I wonder how the denizens of that USCCB building off Michigan Avenue are reacting to the editorial.  They are probably nodding in assent.  It's time to abolish the USCCB.


  1. The Italians have a saying that applies to both the Compost and the USCCB: "the mother of an idiot is always pregnant."

  2. Climate "science" is the key element to globalist leftist government. It is obviously junk science. It is propaganda with a totalitarian purpose.

    There is nothing that could persuade people, on a global scale, to surrender their individual autonomy, national sovereignty and submit to globalist leftist tyranny except for one thing: Fear. *"The world will end*, burn up and be destroyed, unless all nations, and all people everywhere submit to central control of every life on earth".

    Pope Francis believes this with all his heart. He wants this. He was born for this purpose. He was not counting on the mysterious ways of God that raised up a President to thwart him on behalf of Main Street Moms and Pops; the antidote of common sense injected into the Body Politic.


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