Sunday, September 23, 2018

Petition For The Removal Of Cardinal Cupich

A petition has been started for the resignation of Cardinal Cupich from his position as Archbishop of Chicago.  Please sign it and spread the word.

He has his priorities exactly ass-backwards from where they should be as a Prince of the Church.  Let's look at Cupich since he is actively engaged in trying to destroy another good priest, Father Paul Kalchik.  As reported before, he has ordered Fr Kalchik to go into confinement for "psychiatric treatment"; i.e. he ordered the priest to undergo brutal brainwashing.  Kalchik has literally fled for his life, much as Archbishop Vigano has.

But Cupich does have some priests in Chicago who would be legitimate patients for "psychiatric treatment.  Mahound's Paradise advises us of Father Richard McGrath, who has been credibly accused of sodomizing a 13-year old boy.  Their response?  Why, allow him to live within walking distance of a Catholic grade school, of course!  The mess was all over the Chicago newspapers so the archdiocese cannot credibly claim ignorance over the matter.

Then there's Father Michael Pfleger, "Obama's other pastor".  That nickname most likely indicates the reason why Pfleger wasn't sacked while the Messiah Most Miserable befouled the White House.  But now Obama's gone, so what's the excuse?  Could it be that Cupich and Pfleger are of the same mindset?  Well, let's see!

Cupich thanked Chicago police for allowing Pfleger to shut down Chicago highways to protest "gun violence".  Yes Pfleger is so against "gun violence" that he threatened to "snuff out" a gun shop owner.  I wonder if that is how the two vicars got their idea to issue their none-too-veiled threats to Fr Kalchik?  But I digress.  Anyway, perhaps I'm being too hard on poor ole' Pfleger.  After all, he can be the model for civility, calm, rationality.  Perhaps he doesn't need "psychiatric treatment"!  See for yourselves!

See?  Isn't that just charming and reassuring?  No wonder Cupich lets him go untethered.  He and Cupich are of the same mold - and that is NOT sarcasm.  Please sign that petition and call the Chicago chancery.


  1. In prior centuries, some of our ancestors would have stripped the likes of Cupich and Pfleger of their clerical garb, and at the minimum tarred and feathered them and run them out into the wilderness. And there are likely certain eras when they would have been readily tossed onto a pyre to be executed.

  2. Cupich is a subaltern if McCarrick’s Ostpolitik and probabaly has Chicom Intel working in his office staff handling confiential documents.
    What a great place for an agent to serve the interests of the Communist Party in China.


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