Saturday, September 15, 2018

Latest Betrayals By The Pope And Cupich

At the end of this month, the pope will formalize an agreement with Communist China that will essentially give to the Chi-coms the authority to decide who will be appointed bishops in that country.  As part of that agreement, the current bishops who have served the Church in the face of hostility and threats from China will be thrown under the bus by their chief shepherd.  The memories of those Chinese prelates who died in prison, are who had their lives shortened by communist brutality will be held in disregard, if not outright disdain.

Many church leaders had been calling on the pope to cancel the so-called "synod on the youth" to be held next month.  They rightly state that the Vatican in its current condition has no moral credibility to deliberate on how to serve young people correctly.  Well, the charade will go on (as of this writing).  Today the Vatican released a list of those who will participate in this synod.  Those names include Cardinals Tobin and Cupich, two prelates who are implicated in Vigano's statement quite heavily.  With this tone-deaf list, the pope and Vatican prove once again why this synod will be an abysmal joke.

Speaking of Cupich, he is at present preparing to snuff out an ember of faithful Catholicism in his diocese.  Father John Kalchik of Resurrection Parish in Chicago announced that he was going to hold a public burning of a gay rainbow flag that the previous pastor allowed to desecrate the Church.  The local gay mafia notified Cupich who immediately ordered Kalchik not to proceed.  The parishioners took over and held the flag-burning anyway.  So now Cupich is threatening to remove Father Kalchik's faculties as a priest.

Doesn't Cupich sound like the sort of person who would be the least qualified to discuss spiritual guidance for the Church's young people?  So did Francis select in spite of his disdain of Catholic morality - or because of it?

But faithful Catholics must remain silent and not raise their voices, you see?  Else we might be "punished by serpents".  Yes, he really said that.

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  1. I am not surprised that Fr. Kalchik will now be persecuted by Cupich. What no "allegation" to accuse him with? And it makes me want to cry for the holy Chinese who have no pope father to care for them. Well, do any of us have that right now? And the evil agendas from the Vatican proceed until the Lord Himself puts a stop to it but in the meantime, the loss of souls cannot be calculated and the confusion continues. Demonic.


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