Thursday, September 20, 2018

Let's Rebuke Cupich NOW!

This past Saturday I touched upon Cardinal Cupich and his malevolence to one of his priests who is actually acting to expunge evil from his parish.  The flag-burning did occur, with Father Kalchik's participation.  Apparently this symbol of sodomy was used by the late Cardinal Bernardin (surprise!).  It was hung so that it blocked the hand-carved Crucifix over the altar; see the PJ Media article for a depiction of the sacrilege.

I called for a phone and email blast of the Chicago chancery over the treatment that Cupich is inflicting on Father Kalchik.  Some replied that perhaps Cupich just didn't want a media spectacle.  To that I say, "too bad"!  Where is Cupich's concern about "spectacle" when Father Michael Pfleger acts up?  And is he really having cold feet because he doesn't want a spectacle, or is he just doing the bidding of his gay-mafia puppet masters and sugar daddies?  Should the Apostles have stopped preaching the gospel because of "spectacle"?  Read in Acts how Peter and John responded to very similar demands by the sanhedran.

Speaking of faithful priests persecuted by dissident bishops, I post now an interview that Father Marcel Guarnizo gave to His segment starts in the middle of the clip so you can just move the button to the middle; where his picture appears is the beginning.  Father Guarnizo rightly states that the bishops are indeed the source of the problems AND that the laity must act to rectify the matter.  Yes, we must pray, but we must also act.  Too often faithful Catholics have been way too reticent when it comes to speaking out.  What is the source of that?  Timidity? False humility?  Whatever it is, we must overcome these obstacles, for if we don't, our prayer will be hamstrung, if not outright nullified.

With that in mind, we can start by protesting Cupich's draconian and vindictive treatment of Father Kalchik.  Here is the contact information for the Archdiocese of Chicago.  Call the first number 1-312-534-8200.  Then follow the "search by name" prompts for Cupich's office.  You will get his secretary.  Voice your displeasure politely but sternly.  The gay cartel have these campaigns down to an art and we must best them at that.  I called this afternoon, and I hope that many more will call.  Spread the word.


  1. Myself and many others are in the same page with you. We've had more than enough of this creeping push to heresy being lubed along by Team Lavender. If you're on Facebook, and want to help brainstorm/organize ways the laity can finally shout down these fakes, join us in the group "Catholics United Against the Lavender Mafia". We're just getting started.

  2. There is also a form to email Cardinal Cupich at

  3. Cupich gives me the creeps and he has now proven that he is a bully.

  4. Remember when Cupich have McCarrick the "Spirit of Francis" award? And let's not forget that two of his priests were caught in flagrante delecto in Miami. But heck, plastic straws in the ocean are his top priority.


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