Friday, September 28, 2018

McCarrick's New Digs, Thanks To The Octopus

Today the Archdiocese of Washington put out a statement regarding Archbishop Emeritus McCarrick's new location in Victoria, Kansas.  They are rather nondescript about the place.  The last sentence is basically telling Catholics not to stage any protests there.  For that there may be reasons that the ADW declines to divulge.

From LifeSiteNews we have more details.  This friary in which McCarrick is staying is next door to an elementary school.  Please note the location on the map.  Just a few blocks away is a high school.  Was this just a gross oversight - or is the octopus simply catering to McCarrick's, uhhh. "preferences"?  That's a fair question, given that Cardinal Wuerl made the arrangements, per the statement of Bishop Gerald Vincke of Salina, the local diocese.  Notice in that statement that he seems to be reassuring the local Catholics that "our diocese is not incurring any costs in this arrangement".  So who is picking up the tab?  Are we of the Archdiocese of Washington getting stuck with this bill?  If so, this is yet another reason to starve our local octopus of any funds; refer to this post for a strategy to stop doing so.

By the way - if you know anyone in that locality in Kansas, or even in a broader radius, let them know that there is now a clear and present danger to their children and that they might wish to consider taking action, even to the point of withholding their own donations and conducting their own pickets.

Interesting update, from George Neumayr:

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  1. WE in the Archdiocese of Washington are undoubtedly footing the bill! Are there no prison cells available?


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