Friday, September 28, 2018

Octopus - Fight It, Don't Obey It

In yesterday's Vortex, Michael Voris describes the corruption in the Church as an octopus whose tentacles crush the life out of Catholics.  That is an apt description.  It is a network of gays, progressives, masons, etc who will destroy the authentic Catholic faith and those who profess and defend it.  I saw that manifest in my own parish during Lent of 2012, when the DC hierarchy, led by Cardinal Wuerl, sought to destroy the vocation of Father Marcel Guarnizo when Father prevented a sacrilegious reception of Holy Communion by a lesbian.

I will also link to an article from Lepanto Institute, regarding a fashion designer who was told by a satanist about the scheme to destroy the Church from within.  What came to my mind immediately was the account of Bella Dodd, a former communist who worked to insinuate perverts into the seminaries during the early 20th century.  Both accounts corroborate each other.

We know that Father Kalchik is in hiding from that mafia-octopus that seeks to end his vocation, if not his life.  Archbishop Vigano is in hiding, too.  He released a statement regarding the pope's disgraceful silence that names some more names; LifeSiteNews has the English translation of that.

So how was this octopus able to insinuate itself so easily into Church structures?  Well, this from Hillary White gives us some excellent clues.  We as faithful Catholics were taught the importance of obedience to our lawful superiors.  However, we were not warned against blind obedience; that omission was both thoughtless and dangerous.  In fact many of us were taught that even if our superiors ordered us to do something that was inherently sinful, we were to obey, because our obedience would excuse us from guilt.  I believe that faulty reasoning was quite prevalent in religious orders.  Recall that "consent" and "partaking" are two of the nine ways of cooperating with the sins of others.

This false notion of unfettered obedience is most likely a factor in the willful blindness of some Catholics in regards to the evils being allowed and perhaps initiated by this pope.  That in no way excuses what can only be called obstinacy in refusing to acknowledge the truth and in their papolatry.  If some reading this are still so afflicted, please shed the blinders and rose-colored glasses, for until you do, you are actually contributing to the corruption in the Church by aiding and abetting the papal octopus.


  1. "In fact many of us were taught that even if our superiors ordered us to do something that was inherently sinful, we were to obey, because our obedience would excuse us from guilt. I believe that faulty reasoning was quite prevalent in religious orders."

    Seriously? I was born into the pre-Vatican Church and nowhere, no how, no way was I ever taught this. It was always stated that we were to obey "in all things but sin" That stipulation is as clear in my mind as the Baltimore Catechism's response to "Why did God make me?" It was always included in any discussion of obedience.

    1. It sounds like you had more solid education than did others. However, just because you didn't experience that problem doesn't mean others didn't. See TLM's comment, for example.

  2. How right you are! I myself was taught that priests are to be OBEYED in every and all matters. They were priests in the Church of Christ for goodness sake and you don't ever disobey them! We were taught that they are the ones that impart the faith, they are the ones that KNOW the faith much better than us lowly laity and everything they do is for the good of the souls of their flock. It was ingrained in us! In the early 2000's Catholics were of course horrified to discover that there were some priests who violated the flock in a grotesquely evil manner but there were very very few of them, and the Bishops were 'cleaning house' so we could be confident the Church was purified and spotless once again. We were discouraged from praying the Rosary, discouraged from practicing time honored devotions, and generally fed milk toast from the pulpit. There was a time when (in Chicago of course when Bernadin was at the helm) that we had no individual Confessions. Just General Confessions at Christmas and Easter where we were given General Absolution. The priests in the Chicago Archdiocese all but did away with individual Confessions, and the laity bought it for the most part lock stock and barrel. General Confessions were 'just as good' we were told, and besides that there just weren't enough priests to hear individual Confessions. (I shudder and shake in my shoes to look back on those dark days) With the incoming of Cardinal Francis George things began to turn around. Because of a family crisis, I was encouraged by a good friend to begin to pray the Rosary again, which I did. Through the Rosary I was led to find a place where they did hear individual Confessions and I went after many years of listening to errant priests. Shortly after that, I came upon the book: "Goodbye Good Men" and my eyes were beginning to open wide. (thanks of course to the Blessed Mother who was opening them and leading me)

    The bottom line to all of this is that the institutional Church had used 'obedience' as their lethal weapon to lull the faithful to sleep with their dissenting ways that were slowly protestantizing the Church. We were (and some still are) like frogs in a slow heating pot of water. I now recommend and encourage everyone to begin praying the Rosary if they've been away from it for any length of time. The Blessed Mother has promised to lead those that pray the Rosary in the way they should go and ever closer to her Son. H and I are living proof. She will indeed open eyes, and you can take her promises at face value. She does and will lead her children out of the darkness and into the light. The Rosary is key to safety in these dark dark days in the Church.

  3. My blinders came off shortly after I began attending the TLM.


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