Monday, May 27, 2013

75% Of Maryland Abortuaries Fail Health Inspections

The Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene made that announcement Friday (ht LifesiteNews).  This is the result of the regulations that went into effect this past July.  We announced a few days ago that the licenses of four of them were suspended; this is the rest of the picture.

LifesiteNews alerted me to this situation.  However, you can read the individual reports yourselves that are on the Department's website.

The regulations were a partial attempt to undo the legislative slop that was SB 162, passed in 1992, that essentially removed all regulations from abortuaries.  Now abortuaries will be accountable for proper instrument washing, licensure of personnel, training.  Now why did most of the mills fail in these basic facets of the practice of medicine?  Because baby-murder has calloused their minds and hearts; that's why!  Time to wake up and smell that coffee!

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