Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Mess Isn't Dolan's Alone

While Michael Voris mentioned the Archdioceses of New York and Detroit by name, we can surmise that many more are implicated.  In fact, I would be very surprised (albeit pleasantly so) if a similar situation did not exist within the Archdiocese of Washington, given what lurks within those halls on Eastern Avenue.

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  1. I would like to address our clergy in general and our bishops in particular:

    One of the most frustrating problems with groups like Nuns on the Bus, Network, Pax Christi, and similar “Catholic” social justice groups is the fact that they simply do not represent the Catholic Church in what they profess. Add to this the apparent unwillingness of the collective dioceses to refuse them a Catholic backdrop for their platforms and you can see the frustration that Faithful Catholics face as we practice our religion with resolve and obedience.
    We, the faithful are assaulted on all sides for defending life, traditional marriage (did you ever think you would need an adjective in front of the word “marriage?”), and a contraceptive free lifestyle. We rise each morning knowing we are going to do battle for what we believe, and what we have been taught. This is an honor for us, but we never thought we would need to fight this battle without you. All faithful Catholics must ask their Bishops to explain exactly what is the thinking behind an unwillingness to stand with us against the sacrilegious nature of these groups and their organizers? In addition, “Catholic” politicians must not be allowed to spew their twisted version of what is and what is not Catholicism. Are you afraid that you will further alienate them? Do you not understand that they hate us, and you, and that they are already lost? We cannot let them lose their soul, and the only way to prevent that is to steadfastly show them their mistakes.
    Every public error must be met with tenacious correction, and done so publically. While these groups have been admonished by the Vatican and several Bishops (although not mine) around the country, still, they claim to speak for the Catholic Church and are consistently granted a forum in which they spread their falsehoods and build their nefarious agendas. At the same time, legitimate Catholic speakers have been refused a Catholic backdrop to their sound teachings of the Catholic Church. Many of us feel that while these groups have a Bishop, we do not.
    We have written letters that either go unanswered or received answers which seem more at odds with our agenda than theirs. Can I ask you where you draw the line? If not abortion, if not legitimized sodomy, then when and where will you take a stand? How about “after birth abortion?” This is on the horizon. What about legitimized incest-just a matter of time.
    For the love of God, literally, stand with us! Help us! Help us help them. Their souls are dependent on you. We can pray for them, but you must save them-and the Church. TAKE A STAND! Save a soul.



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