Friday, May 17, 2013

IRS Asked Groups For "Contents Of Their Prayers"

You know, I could be optimistic and opine that the rogue IRS agents were simply "getting religion" and wanted some pointers on how to pray themselves, but I'll leave the sarcasm aside - for now.  A representative from a Texas Tea Party group relates that the IRS asked for back-end access to their website.  Read this from the Gateway Pundit.

Now read this from Breitbart News.  It delves into when the Messiah Most Miserable learned of the naughty foibles of some of these IRS Minions Most Mindless.  He claims he first heard of this from - wait for it! - the news media!  So none of his subordinates thought to tell him?  Uh, huh!  Nice try, Barack - but no cigar!

Below the jump break I'll post two videos from the hearings that are now occurring.  You'll hear the reference to the groups being asked for contents of their prayers.  Kudos to Reps Michael Kelly and Aaron Schock for asking direct questions and for giving these folks some needed reminders that it is We the People who are the ultimate authority, not the IRS.

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