Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Joe Biden Preaches Morality Again!

I wrote yesterday that progressives seem to be rediscovering the importance of religion - albeit rather selectively.  That story featured Joe Biden in his quest to take self-defense from American citizens.  Today we read how that new-found religious fervor is playing out in terms of "voting rights".  According to Plugs, it's "immoral, callous" to make voting difficult.  To what "barriers" specifically does he object?  He thinks it's unfair to require voters to show identification.

He claims that by making these requirements, we're "telling someone we're going to make it difficult for you to vote."  In actuality, what we'd be saying is that "we're going to make it difficult for someone to steal your vote".  I'm sure he understands the difference because the latter doesn't bother him in the slightest - as long as they vote Democrat.  So showing some form of photo id (like one would have to show to drive or buy alcoholic beverages or - gasp! - buy a gun) is a "barrier"!  Well, in the sicko world of the progressive, it is indeed a barrier - to election fraud, that is!

On second thought, perhaps I'm being too harsh on Ole' Plugs!  After all, some of that spiritual vigor seems to be on display in his home state of Delaware.  Since the latest Planned Parenthood scandals in Wilmington, Delaware is the first state that has no surgical abortions since Roe v Wade!  No doubt the Vice President is rejoicing over this news.  Right, Joe??  Joe???  Hmmm...


  1. I think I'm going to leave a letter to be read at my funeral -- short -- asking for forgiveness of those I hurt, forgiving those who hurt me and asking for prayers so that I'll get out of Purgatory quickly. No eulogies PLEASE. They are useless. Remember my sins and help me pray and atone for them.

    1. Did you mean to put this under the "impromptu canonization" post? At any rate, not only are eulogies useless, they have no legitimate place during the requiem Mass.


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