Wednesday, May 22, 2013

IRS - Rotten To The Core

Like dandelion weeds suddenly sprouting all over a lawn, we have all seen more and more manifestations of IRS thuggery appearing almost hourly throughout the internet.  There is not time to comment on them all.  I will list below some key links.

IRS Targets Catholic Critics of Obama Regime
IRS Targeted Conservative College Interns
True The Vote Waiting on Tax-Exempt Status
Bachman: IRS Admissions Cast Doubt on Validity of 2012 Elections
Tea-Party Protesters Met By Armed DHS Guards
Reporters Given Forced Armed Escort in IRS Building
IRS's Lerner Has History of Harassing

Speaking of Lois Lerner, she's going before the House committee tomorrow.  She plans to refuse to answer questions and to invoke the Fifth Amendment.  She doesn't want to incriminate herself.  But doesn't that constitute a tacit admission that her answers would incriminate her?  But really - she needn't resort to that! She could just join some of her fellow progressives in laying the blame for the IRS debacle at the feet of (betcha can't guess!) - George Bush!  Surprise!

It's probably long past time that the Internal Revenue Service was abolished.  It is a threat to our republic.


  1. Not to take away from yours, "National Review" online has an ongoing feature on the Obama scandals this week. It's a helpful roundup if you can't keep up with all the articles.


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