Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Faithful Catholics Protest Outside As Gumbleton Commits Sacrilege Against The Mass

At a Dignity anniversary event at Detroit's Marygrove College (run by liberal IHM sisters) retired Bishop Gumbleton, in disobedience to Bishop Vigneron, presided at a "gay Mass".  No doubt numerous gays and their homophile enablers committed the mortal sin of receiving the Eucharist unworthily.  Bishop Gumbleton, by cooperating materially and formally with those mortal sins most likely laid some mortal sins to his own charge.  He failed to serve those in attendance in that Mass, owing to his horrible example.

ChurchMilitant.tv brings welcome news that this blasphemy was publicly protested on the Marygrove campus.  I post the video below.  Having engaged in similar efforts myself, I can only urge one and all to step out and make your voices heard as these sad situations are occurring.  Yes, it will be uncomfortable and will involve some confrontation - but so what?  We as Catholics are not called to be comfortable but to be signs of contradiction.  Moreover, as American citizens, our free speech rights are guaranteed under the US Constitution.  So while we have rights we also have responsibility to use those rights.  Let's get to work.

By the way: here are the links to which the video refers:

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