Monday, May 20, 2013

Gay-Nazis At Department Of Justice

The Liberty Council obtained a copy of a Department of Justice pamphlet entitled "LGBT Inclusion at Work: Seven Habits of Highly Effective Managers".  It's quite a hoot, paid for by our tax dollars.  World Net Daily has an excellent piece on this latest attempt to coerce speech and yes, thought.  Why?  They are being ordered - ordered! - to positively affirm immoral behavior.  It is not enough for these tyrants to merely silence good people.  They seek to force actions and words from them that violate their consciences.  Bear in mind that this is a governmental agency - not some private company that is merely implementing the beliefs of its owners.  We the people are paying to have good managers bullied into compliance with perversion.

Speaking of private companies merely implementing their beliefs, that too has incurred the wrath of the gay-nazis.  In the state of Washington, a florist is being harassed because she won't facilitate a gay wedding.  In her case, she is not taking this sitting down.  With the assistance of Alliance Defending Freedom, she is counter-suing the state.  Here's hoping she wins.

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