Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Religion And Politics

When it comes to mixing religion and politics, progressives have clear-cut preferences about the mixing of these two areas of people's thinking.  We all know that they don't ever want to hear of religion or religious beliefs when abortion is being contemplated.  For instance, the Daily Beast whines about religion being part of the pro-life discussion.  Then we read a similar "letter to the editor" from the Indystar.

However, when it comes to promotion of liberal and left-wing causes, the progressives "get religion"!  Vice President Joe Biden is urging clergy of all faiths to exhort their congregations to support gun control.  Why?  Because, in his none-too-humble opinion, it's the "moral thing to do"!

Eeek!  Eeek!  Where, oh where, is the Americans United for Separation of Church and State when you need them?   What do we hear from them?  (crickets)

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