Friday, May 31, 2013

Maryland Public Schools Terrorize Yet Another Play-Gun-Toting Youngster

The nitwits and progressives who run Maryland's public schools have just suspended their fifth child for toy-gun-related playfulness.  The Washington Post reports that this latest act of school-official-instigated nonsense occurred in Calvert County.  A five-year-old child showed another the cap gun.  The driver overhead it and that's when all hell broke loose.  Over-reaction is too kind a word for the behavior of those darlings of the NEA.

Ladies and gentlemen, if bringing a toy gun to school is against policy, fine.  Confiscate the gun for the day and let the little guy go about his school day.  But why, oh why, was a two-hour interrogation of a five-year old necessary?  Why did they not contact his parents immediately?  His parents have retained an attorney.

The little guy has been suspended for the rest of the year (unless intelligence makes a come-back very soon).  I have a better idea.  Instead of suspending the little boy, let's suspend the principal and the other school officials who seem to think that hysterical behavior is a necessary qualification for the brainwashing of children.


  1. You might be interested to listen to the podcast of Chris Plante's May 31 program in the 10 o'clock hour. A Maryland man described the situation his family faced: as his 11-year-old was on the public schoolbus heading home, he told two other children that it was too bad someone at Sandy Hook did not have a gun to defend the children there, and if he had had a gun he would certainly have defended them with it. The bus driver turned around and took the children back to school, where authorities called the police. The boy's father was informed by the police that they wanted to search his house to "make sure it was free of guns."

    Excuse me while I check my copy of the Constitution...

  2. I wrote an article about this issue recently. This issue doesn’t only concern the fact kids can’t so much as talk about guns at school.... it also concerns the fact that the police can and do bring guns into schools, terrorizing kids and teachers because they’re firing blank ammunition, during their “active shooter” drills.

    This policy is beyond over reaction.... it is setting peoples at schools up for the very thing the authorities say they are protecting them from: school shootings.

    When the authorities tell peoples at a school and in a neighborhood: “Don’t be alarmed if you hear gunfire coming from the school, it’s only a drill” this allows for confusion and valuable time to be lost when these drills go live and someone actually start shooting with real bullets.

    Here’s a link to my article: Kids can’t make gun noises in schools but the authorities can use guns while running full scale, realistic, and very scary active shooter drills in schools? -

    Schools all over America are locked down ever day for reasons they need not be, and active shooter drills are taking place all over the nation each day too. This is setting peoples up for trouble, not making them safer, and it’s also a form of programing and behavior modification.

    There is no need or excuse for doing these lockdowns and active shooter drills.


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