Thursday, May 16, 2013

Abortion - Enabling Men To Abuse Women

Today we read of a woman in Florida whose boyfriend gave her abortion-inducing pills without her knowledge.  She wanted the baby, he didn't.  Thanks to legalized abortion and attendant ease of procuring these medications, he was able to get them.  He has been arrested and is facing first-degree murder charges. He murdered his own baby.

This is just the latest story to date of a woman being victimized by abortion.  Several years ago a man was convicted of trying to force an abortion on his girlfriend - at gunpoint, no less.  Here's one of an oaf who hired other oafs to kidnap his girlfriend and beat her belly until she miscarried.

It isn't just boyfriends who victimize pregnant women.  Sometimes it's their own parents.  Here's a story of a Texas teen who successfully staved off her parents who wanted to abort their grandchild.  And who can forget Nicholas and Lola Kampf of Maine, who kidnapped their daughter to take her for an out-of-state abortion.  They actually bound her; she managed to escape and called the police.

I see these scenes with some regularity at the Planned Parenthood on Saturday mornings.  These scenes are in fact played out at abortuaries all over the world.  Abortion does not "empower" women; it only leads them to become more brutalized and objectified.  We've got to end this.

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  1. Last year I worked at the county Fair Respect Life booth. We had models of babies from different stages of development in the womb. One of the women just stood and held the 13 week old baby model, the stage her baby was in when she saw it on ultra sound. Her boyfriend and her parents tried to force her to have an abortion, but she did not. I saw her 7 month old baby in a stroller. She said, "This is the best booth."


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