Monday, May 6, 2013

NCR Article Likens Martin O'Malley To Jesus Christ

Please do not have any food or drink in your mouth as you read this NCR dribble, for you may wind up spitting it all over your monitor and keyboard as you laugh out loud.

Tom Gallagher of course celebrates the abolition of the death penalty in Maryland.  However, he takes the Maryland Catholic Conference to task for "not mustering up a simple thank you to the leadership of O'Malley.."  He then draws a parallel of this imagined slight of O'Malley to the ingratitude of the nine lepers healed by Jesus.  I'm not kidding!  He just compared aborto-phile and homo-phile Martin O'Malley to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

One must wonder why Gallagher sees fit to engage in such unabashed boot-licking for O'Malley.  Yes the latter is posturing for the White House.  Is the former posturing for some cushy administrative position?  If not, why the mindless pandering?

By the way - "NCR" means "Not-At-All Catholic Reporter".


  1. I could swear that the linked "NCR Dribble" article was a parody or perhaps something designed to nauseate faithful Catholics if it were not for the numerous liberal / progressive / Communist / Democrat Øbamanite "Kathlycs" I've talked with at local parishes (Central NJ & eastern PA). Sadly some people actually believe this stuff. During the 2008 election I stopped going to Mass where there were an excess of Øbama bumper stickers visible on parked cars, the inevitable discussions and debates were usually not worth it.

    Their mindset is similar to some Medjugorje fans. They're so emotionally invested in their belief that if they were given a choice between the Church and their heterodox belief system, they'd probably leave the Church. The public indoctrination/education system never trained them for logical debate so it's all about irrational feelings, truth be damned.

    1. It is hard to believe that an adult could fawn and simper over O'Malley and still maintain a straight face. But it's obvious that Gallagher was being serious and expects his readers to fall in line. Such a disappointment he faces.

      As far as the Obama stickers in your church parking lot, you can do something about that - along the lines of the Spiritual Works of Mercy. In this blog's search box, put the words "wisdom on windshields" and you'll be guided to a downloadable flyer that I've developed that can be placed on the windshields or door handles of the offending vehicles. I always carry a supply with me when I go to Church.


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