Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dolan's Mess Just Got A Whole Lot Messier

Last week Judie Brown of American Life League wrote of Cardinal Dolan's Mess.  At the time it described quite well the abysmal joke that Cardinal Dolan is making of his role and responsiblity as Archbishop of New York.  It appears that Cardinal Dolan was beginning to exhibit just the tiniest signs of a backbone when he said that he and Governor Cuomo "have very grave differences".  He was referring to Cuomo's rabid pushes for the legitimization of perversion and the promotion of the murders of babies.

However, the Cardinal hurried to "correct himself", lest he be seen as dissing Cuomo, no doubt.  Through his spokesman Joseph Zwilling, it was made clear - crystal clear, mind you! - that "the cardinal, who is the archbishop of New York, ‘would not, and did not, suggest the governor might not be a Catholic in good standing going forward."  Well, why not????  Precisely because Cdl Dolan is the archbishop of New York he should have loudly proclaimed that Cuomo is not in good standing!  So much for any hint of backbone.

But it gets worse!  Much worse!  In the first paragraph, I stated that Mrs. Brown described the mess well at the time.  That was last week, this is now.

Comes now the announcement that the Archdiocese of New York, through insurance plans of various Catholic institutions within its borders, provides payment for contraceptives and even abortion.  These particular institutions are offering it for employees who are members of the SEIU (we've heard of them before, haven't we?).   It is true that this arrangement predated Cardinal Dolan's ascendancy to that see - but given today's political climate, why is he allowing that to continue?  That's utterly inexcusable

Again we hear from Zwilling, "we provide the services under protest".  Under protest!!!  (An important aside - these are occasions of mortal sin, not "services") So that just clears their consciences and restores their credibility, right???   NOT!!!!  Can anyone imagine St. John Fisher acquiescing to King Henry VIII's demands "under protest"?  St John Fisher and all martyr-bishops, pray for your timid brother bishops!

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